First glimpse of BMW's response to Mercedes CLA PHOTO


BMW named BMW BMW to answer to Mercedes CLA.

The first BMW 2 Series in Los Angeles featured in Los Angeles in November, and the Bavarians also showed the first details of this meeting.

Although the first doesn't show too much, BMW names a fun, handsome and truly huge car that will drive its directity of comparative models, with urban customers like the target group.

The last spur of the last half shows that it is not a speckled version of the run2, but also variants of M and M of this universe of four doors.

Based on the new BMW wheel-drive architecture, many more will accompany the new series, Gran 2 Gran Coupe t Published series 1 for fall.

It is expected to be offered and xDrive driven on the four streams, and at the top of the M235i with over 300 hp.

The BMW 2 Series Gran Coupe will be sold from mid-2020. t

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