First-loved love, re-collection; And the same question: 30 years of love with Ricardo Darín and Florencia Bas


"Florence is not the same. He is constantly changing, in permanent movement. Every day I'm surprised in some way, it's amazing. She is a woman who does not give you any sex. To say she has made sense of my life to fall well; No doubt, he saved me"

Twenty years have passed since they were married and Ricardo Darin he is still in love Florence Bas as from the first day. The actor met his wife at the moment when he was 30 years old and was a star in his & her; music Sugar in the Lola Membrives.

The end of 1987 when she walked, on Corrientes Avenue, and found the actor who was eating at her. Phizzeria Banchero. Florence, no I was learning English translationHe did not recognize the actor until he left the building to find it and try to start a conversation.

Everything was in a short philosophy and many computers were abusing. She continued on her way home and asked her friend to tell him that the eyes of the act were swept away. Together, they planned a new meeting that would have to happen as it happened, as it was the first.

The next day, they sat down for coffee in another bar near the playhouse where Darín drew beside Susana Giménez and Arturo Puig in a successful music. The plan had worked as expected: the actor left the Lola Membrives, he walked and saw Florence and his friend with the window.

He did not do anything, he put in and invited him to not lose her: "Are we going to dance?". So the love story set by his wedding began on April 18, 1988. Later on, children: Ricardo -s the name they are Chinese and it's 29- and e Clara, of 24

Love after love

In 1999 the couple decided to take time and they were split for two years until they finally decided to love the actor's romantic hand. One day, during that time when they were not together – and they promised not to tell them what private life was passing through the neighborhood of Palermo, he saw the house that was moved when he was Join Florence in your home

He bought it and gave the previous name, they settled and did not divide them again. "The floor has not been shaken by us when we have lost ourselves, we have influenced the divorced acidity and we've finally discovered, it's worth a lot her own. We re-elected ourselves and linked our relationship"the actor said more than one time before the emergency.

Both have to explain their relationship as a "honest" love. And in the last days the actor interviewed in Spain who was going around the European media for his romantic statements. "Florencia is a wild ship, and she is not afraid of anything. And what she's done for our children is great. I have also spent my sandy grain, but I can not compare it, "he said about his wife.

The response from Florence has not been long ago and chose to do so through his own Twitter account: "I love you, it's your best way for more than 30 years, I recommend you and I'm proud to be your companion, you are a generous, sensitive and honest man, and you are so happy.

In this way, and appearing to her every day, Ricardo Darín and Florencia Bas They are added to the famous couples that maintain their relationship with time. Go Ortega and Evangelina Salazar, German Selva and Arturo Puig, Guillermo Francella and Marynés Breña, Catherine Fulop and Ova Sabatini, Osvaldo Laport and Viviana Sáez, Guillermo Andino and Carolina Prat, Dolores Barreiro and Matías Camisani, Patricia Sosa and Oscar Mediavilla, Nicolás Repetto and Florencia Raggi is one of those who promised to boast and strengthen the partner over the years.

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