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Lulu and Nana have two couples with a couple of weeks old and are very healthy. There is nothing in which they draw attention to their bare eyes, but they have caused them scientific earthquake of most. Because they are, theoretically, there is a & n; First people born after their genealogy was produced. An He has a Jiankui team use the CRISPR method to eliminate the CCR5 gene, so that girls face AIDS, cholera and small print.

A Chinese scientist, who works at the Southern Sciences University of Shenzhen, told the AP on Monday that he changed the sexy sexy sexy species that agreed to have a " get into this special product cure, and that the twins have the same fruit produced. Grace & Mrs., a woman who has a positive partner, Mark, HIV.

«He never thought he could have children», He told in a video that was posted on YouTube. If the result of this research is reinforced, something that can take time, China will open the door of the & # 39; superhumans that were designed to the letter. Because of this, although the modification is designed to protect against the diseases in this case, the same method may be used to make the child's different features to advance beforehand. It's like science fiction, but it's not much longer.

Logically, this promotes a deep debate about scientific ethical boundaries. Yesterday, 120 Chinese scientists put their name to a statement to refuse to & # 39; try people and ask them to investigate. Dr. Kiran Musunuru, from the University of Pennsylvania, is a test that is not "protected from moral or ethical level." Others, such as Nicholas Evans, a professor of Massachusetts Lowell University, are definitely the result of what he says: "Does it make public on YouTube, and not to # 39; adhere to the steps of their most difficult normal scientific probation process. "And others dispose of it as inconsistent for opposing the life of the girls.

The Chinese scientist will defend herself by going to # 39; to make sure Lulu and Nana "who do not suffer any other genetic relationship". He does not see anything wrong in scientific progress that "provides equality of opportunity for healthy families." China's ethical issues are not too much in terms of allowing the country to make more progress in generations such as the CRISPR: in 2015, by Chinese scientists to manage, The first time, a human genre was prepared, although they did not try to succeed in any way they did.

Now, no one can doubt that the test can be an open source for science if it is confirmed. It will also be a legal challenge for areas where humanitarian cases have been banned, such as the United States or the European Union, especially if it is shown that it can be used to prevent disease. "The company needs to decide what should be done from now on".

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