FIRST SIMS OF SRPSKA SUMMER BOMBA A & # 39; DECLARATION! Look at our deadly and fights in drone! (PHOTO) News


This year fair in Abu Dhabi Serbia's unique business provided its latest results – Leave on drone "Aleks" and I'll go Bom PGB-128South Westerly

The informal "Alex" device is designed to fly below as a circle by continuing the flat plane with the help of audio voices.

Photograph: Tangosix

As reported by the Tango Siks port, the "Alex" has a total 35 kilogram initially developed and can carry six kilograms of pay sheet. The next step of the company "E de pro" is a 250 kilogram plane development with a target target of 70 kilograms of payouts. The flight devolution is planned for five hours and the ability to try on-off handles, which are already developed in the & # 39; parent company.

The PGB-128 is rigorously directed by a 128-millimeter quality bomb with tandem wings and a face-filled landlord. It's a terrible bomb.

It is run by INS with a GPS track correction. There is a 50 kilogram weight and there are options with a structural or laser direction to target.

Photograph: Tangosix

A "E de pro" company has designed a tandem shield that allows the bombs to reach a maximum of 20 km range with higher securities rates. This company says that the modular system concept will allow the use of different types of battleheads gradually or by term.

In addition to these strategies, other known systems, vehicles and weapons may be available at the show.

Most of its attention was pulled to its & # 39; New concept of Lazar's rock builders with the army rushes, as well as the redesigned scrubs.



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