First talk by Khaled Youssef on Mona Farouk and Shaima El Haj's credits: Egyptian artists' reputation in danger


In the first impression of how close to the & # 39; married to the artists Mona Farouk and Shaima El Haj, Egyptian leader Khaled Youssef gave a long statement to warn him of the attributes he was saying he was; Bringing young artists to be close with him to give her the opportunity to show her in his jobs. And according to his statue as an unincorporated society with low morality in massive minds.

Al-Bayan published a statement entitled "Defending Art, not Khaled Youssef", where the current leader of the Egyptians confirmed in Paris confirmed how cruel and statements confirmed in the studies, telling him to have been seen and he was asleep by going to her. media distribution.

He said: O you see the media in the statements on girls who have been inserted in official investigations about the procurator, who are the Mavihash characters who are in a position; spread and consolidate and restrict them, and emphasize the level of Mausluc news that I was the pictures of girls who were at risk and hitting them like video clips, and additional films The girls said they were younger than 18 years of age.

He said: "My work is very important to me, I do not have a martyrdom. At least, I did not see the checks. I was sorry and said, I mean, the girls said that way. The honest media about the movement of the people he said, but I found that everyone in the media was not just informants. And they did not just picture the things that They were hopeful, unfortunate and unfortunate (and the reason for this post because I put all my words and Ihagolkwa in the other, why) was sad that they fell on a tongue the girls they said (I do our job because he does not do what he does with the director or producer Those who were like this & # 39 doing this.

Khalid said that this print release is # 39; representing abuse against the whole arts center and said: Do not you understand that you are doing? influencing all Egyptian birds and turning it into the middle of wild and uncomfortable people. Take care of me and I am giving tribute to Master's objection to masters .. Mashashi .. I said that I am here My wife, my family, and my family are patient, because we & # 39; value it, but they are. eliminate all artists and the center. You know what you are doing and do not know the value of Egyptian art or even the value of Egypt itself.

He continued to say: As far as Magbush's daughters have had an artistic and current artistic history and his / her; limit the words as they were normal, and the convicts are the ones that have been published by the video, and because you are not scratched by a & # 39; Gun at Malakosh, I'm holding me to focus on what I am doing; Doing and explaining me I'm a bad and patient and criminal fiddler, And I, who published a story … Belehh to get involved in artwork in the subject. D & # 39; left to masters, Kalkoloa in the reputation of Egyptian art in Machuhoh himself, what I'm suffering from & # 39; Breaking the media staff with all its values ​​and important, and adding to this form; Reduced in an Egyptian art decay and everyone who works in South-

He continued: "I spend my word on my subject and details so I can see what he is doing." Narrated by Nayyif, they say how to take Fionn and others, because they say that he is not the same thing or the same girls; I know about the fees that Hatouhleini sent against his life, as they said in the first outbreak, but I do not want to admit a number of ordinary marriages, so I have to have a relationship like this from your heart, not enough, even if you do so, you have enough to support Khalid, destroy and destroy the family and family mouth. In Jaljal, the delivery of the people of the Majs Le is to its values, and it will make your words true.

He said: "It's the problem; that they are strong and despite the people who have done it, the people are far from my words, even if I'm not sure I'm so innocent. I'm sure I'm an authority and I stand before. It was the crime; there.

He concluded his statement by saying: "I enjoy all the media, who understand the value of the mission and receive orders – tell us I have them and change them – be careful that I'm not wrong – because I've lost them hope, because they are locked in, what's happening, selling them in Rasail and Vipululi. – Making an argument right in which could harm the meaning of nobility in our lives, and the most important value of artists and artists from Egypt, and not to include them in the battle I do not have any of them triggered or triggered from this battle.

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