First two in 1 bridges for pedestrians in the & # 39; capital city


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It is anticipated that the bridge reduced "2 in 1" walkers worth VND18 billion crashes and traffic collisions on the Thang Long – Noi Bai North Road.

In the last few days, people who travel in residential areas and industrial enclosures on Thang Long – Noi Bai North Road are very happy when there is a pedestrian bridge at the Quang Minh I bridge Business Center – Trade Center Me Linh Plaza was used.

The special features of this bridge are also designed for cycling, motorcycle, and motorcycle vehicles, with a total deck of 6.5m. Out there, 1.5m walkers; The remaining 3.75m for motorcycle, invasion vehicles. The total investment of its 18 billion VND project.

On November 17th, this multi-purpose multi-purpose building, PV-listed, is the way up and down the unique designed bridge for everything, the range is also divided The two beautiful Red Terrazzo, a motorcycle for motorists, a motorcycle, a bicycle, a deadly curve, a clear line. With its location near the IP, the number of vehicles and passengers through is also very full.

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The bridge has a Z shaped structure, which began in late 2017 and was used since early October 2018. The total investment of this project is 18 billion dong with project management project management projects. Hanoi as a museum.

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This is the first bridge in Hanoi for pedestrians and motorcyclists, invasion vehicles.

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The bridge is 6.5m wide, with pedestrian support for 1.5m wide, for 3.75m of attack vehicles.

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The railway system is very modern, sure, and fully meets with; safety factor with a height of more than 1m. Warning signs are wholly inserted on both sides of the bridge

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The way up and down the bridge is also marked by shift pattern signage, cars can run, distance and speed limits.

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There is a prophecy ramp, clear land dividers

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Pedestrian routes are arranged separately from motorcycle, invasion vehicles.


Greater day-to-day travel methods of the bridge

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According to a Quang employee at 1 Business Park, before leaving the bridge, after one hour of work, one of the staff walked to their road cross opposite Lein Lee Meh Linh and he moved together between the car line I run rapidly. "It's also on motorcycles to take a lot of traffic disasters here because there are not too many people," said the worker.

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However, it is modern and fair, however, since the footbridge of traffic, traffic corridors across Thang Long – Noi Bai North (under the bridge) to get involved in lost traffic, ATGT lost it looks like Many "pigs" taxi and motorhome taxi attendants to welcome guests.

"1" football "bridge in Hanoi:

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