Fishermen accept 12kg of weird lightweight, 1.1m of rare new hope


(Dan Viet) Quang Three is a fisherman in the continent's catch of fish, but very rare goldfish.

Accordingly, at 3am on November 21, when Viet Nam Viet (Gio Linh, Quang Tri) fishing, Bui Dinh Quy fishermen (25, who lived in Quarter 5, Vietnamese village, Gio Linh) take fish that is suspected of yellowfish.

12kg is a human boy, the picture size is 1.1m

Bui Dinh Quy next to the fish was expected to catch yellowfish in Quang Tri

12kg of fish size, 1.1 meters long, 25cm wide. On the back of the fish there is a lot of gold screens.

Through information from fishermen in many places, it is suspected that Mr Quy is a rare species of goldfish.

Since the fish was dead, who put on a frozen shelf.

The human singer is 12kg, 1.1m

On the back of a goldfish caught by Mr Quy, there is a lot of gold screens.

It is known that yellowfish (Otolithoides biauritus), also known as golden shellfish, double yellow fish, fish and fish – the largest fish in the fish family, Sciaenidae), is spread in India, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, China, Vietnam.

It's a rare fish in golden fish, it's not others are very small. In addition to the high nutritional value, yellow-fish balls are used to make possible effects in square and surgical movements, at a cost of $ 45,000- $ 55,000 / kg, dance.

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