Fitch reduces the Brent oil price forecast for 2018-2019 due to US soft sanctions against Iran Terminal


Fitch Reduces Brent Oil Prudential Pregnancy in 2018-2019 due to US soft sanctions against Iran

Fitch's international rating group dropped the Brent raw oil cost repayment for 2018 and 2019 in connection with the market situation due to a sharper restriction than US expectations in the framework of sanctions against Iran.

This is mentioned in the Fitch group message, which writes "Prime".

"We have redirected our rehearsal for the normal price of Brent oil. Now we expect prices of $ 73 and $ 75 per barrel in 2018 and 2019, respectively. Previous pre-reporting cost $ 74.5 and $ 81 per barrel in those years, in particular, "a & # 39; group to identify.

"The fundamental objectives have become worse because we have our last oil price, especially because the US has been susceptible to sanctions against Iran: our vision is not on supply and demand has changed dramatically, but the global balance has been highly shifted, "explained in the document.

In addition, Fitch's normal Brent oil price assessment for $ 2020 is $ 20 per barrel, $ 84 per barrel in 2021, and $ 85 per barrel in 2022. The group also expects $ 201 per barrel, in 2019 – $ 69 per barrel, in $ 20 per barrel, in 2020 – $ 76, in 2021 – $ 78, and in 2022 – $ 80 per barrel.

A company also states that the price cut is € 39; is currently looking to "become increasingly acute", and the drug market is the drug idea. "Markets seem to have a strong haul in economic activity and oil demand. Economic growth is slow, but demand from developing countries is strongly strong. And although the supply is declining, December will cut into OPEC + production and the continued reduction in production in Venezuela and Iran should help Brent recover oil in Price in the coming months, "said group experts.

"In mid-time, prices will be highly dependent on the outcome of the OPEC meeting in December. Our basic position is to accept that its organization agrees to a" weaker reduction " , which means that they move away from the terms of the final agreement and set up new targeting levels that are higher than those that are currently in place, and finishing Fitch.

Write the Terminal that the US Energy Department's Energy Information System (EIA) had been reimbursed for the average price of Brent in 2018 to $ 72.84 per barrel of $ 71.74.

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