Fitzgibbon, Sigerson is at risk of Railway Cup Continuing


In the seconds that died of the UNUC Galway Cup Mary Immaculate Fitzgibbon semi-finals last week in Ennis, Conor Whelan played a laser pass over the 20 meter line to try the goal d '; engineer. NUIG had to save the game.

The ball was cut out by David Prendergast but two NUIGs left him back. Two conservatives Mary I had the opportunity to clear the ball over the next 15 seconds but NUIG turned over ownership and made the opportunity to go to miss them. Eventually, Brian Concannon sent the ball into the net but was released for a square ball.

That's the last ones that have been trying to see a pinball game but it was almost uncertain that the game was not just over time except Mary was getting out. As Fitzgibbon's coup is usually defined by the most dramatic drama.

Players and directors of UCC show the atmosphere

Two UCC-DCU semi-finals had two days earlier to go outside, with UCC winning one point after Chris O & Leary pledged to the 82th minute. DCU went down the field in one last attack and a marriage appeal by James Bergin was thrown away by the referee.

It is almost unexpected for a long time in the Fitzgibbon Cup games. Five of the last 12 finals were decided after an additional period. Even the great UL-Mary I award in 2016 even went forward to a second additional sum.

McGrath – formerly a Fitzgibbon winner with UCC – had never seen a broader view of the competition when he was Waterford manager but not all managers who are open to such a way- if not set in the rule.

UL won the title in 1994, the final finals, the final two and the final were completely out of date. It was even more difficult for teams when the finals and final finals were played on the same weekend but that culture was removed last year when the new GAA calendar was pulled up.

The abdomen timetable was designed to bring young players seriously ill, although Fitzgibbon and Sigerson players do not have to play two hard games within 24 hours (for a while the games would be a bit with the football carts also a weekend), the competitions are still expanded hard in the new environment.

Gillane works for Mary 1

It is the time they have been the main problem but almost all GAA competitions are due to the time due to the widespread & the table is. Many reporters have asked the competitions to be played before Christmas but with most of their colleges; get exams at the end of the semester, together with ongoing activities from the middle class, intermediate and youth club competitions, that window is closed.

The windows just get tighter and tighter. So the weight and the weight are. And the sport is getting slower out of the Fitzgibbon and Sigerson Cup.

Anthony Daly told the story about the work of UL Fitzgibbon last year. Daly had managed the UL Freshers team this year and was fully aware of the talent within the college. But he turned down. "I can not be discouraged by her sorry from inter-county directors for four months," Daly wrote in his Irish Examiner column.

The new hurling competition is so intense that many managers want to increase every session to correct their teams for the summer. And Fitzgibbon players need to steal their bodies as long as they do; move from one game to the next one. It is more difficult again when some of the inter-county managers have expired; this cut because of the fact that they are See the Fitzgibbon and Sigerson as a whole prize.

paustic shelter
Waterford Manager, Fanning Patrick

Two weeks ago, Professor Neil Moyna, who led DCU to four Sigerson Cups, spoke about this issue on RTÉ Radio 1. Head of Health and Human Performance School in DCU, Moyna has a better experience in sport Most sporting and player benefits but came from the other side of the debate.

Moyna said that he was one of the main reasons for removing the DCU Sigerson team after after 17 years of attack at risk of sheriff managers; preventing his players.

"In the last two years, we see players now saying, & # 39; Look, I'm not interested in playing Sigerson, I can only play between "only," said Moyna. "For me, it was not excited about that level."

This debate is not enough because managers in the county are just just like the competitions, and his influence on player benefit. The three Fitzgibbon group games were played over 10/11 days at the end of January, on the same side of the opening of the National League.

"I think it's upset about what they did," said Paris Fanning, Waterford's manager in January. "I do not understand how they came in with a casual timetable. Anyone who is talking about shooting a" talk out on both sides of the mouth because you can not do it correctly.

"It's not fair for the players, the colleges are not fair, and county teams are not fair to get ready for the National League. I think every manager in the area is ; try to make the best things for the players and they should not be in that situation. "

Moyna will not be unhappy in the line for DCU more

The college case is more difficult with so many players now on scholarships, donations and bursaries. Will those educational establishments continue with that investment if their star players are not able to represent the colleges?

B & b b & n; There, Brian Lohan, who was a Ranger guardian, led the UL for four years last year: "The GAA should be aware that players do not have access, there will be no scholarships and The other things that the college will have GAA clubs offer. "

So what is the solution? Last year, Derek McGrath's Cup Fitzgibbon players recommended for the month of February, where the players of the college, by management, should be free to go. focus on competition rather than to # 39; play for their counties too.

McGrath – formerly a Fitzgibbon winner with UCC – had never seen a broader view of the competition when he was Waterford manager but not all managers who are open to such a way- if not set in the rule.

UL players celebrate the award at the Fitzgibbon Cup 2015

But even if it were, some of the players who want to play for their county may be able to go to; Feel they have a lot of risk of managing out of choice in the county for a month maybe & # 39; playing in Fitzgibbon no Cuperson.

As the debate continues to grow, and that the level of the debate is increasing, still appear so tall, moderate land is still found here. Two years ago, McGrath had 16 players in his team that participated in the Fitzgibbon Cup and did not harm Waterford.

For a UCC team who plays on a Saturday weekend, this campaign has been a great recovery for so many high and U-21 corpses who have blasphemed acidic breakdown last year. And Cork should enjoy the benefit of this season, especially if the UCC Mary Misses On Saturday.

Limerick had definitely won the UL's last year's success. There were several players on that UL team to John Kiely and said they wanted to win Fitzgibbon, and that he needed to try to do so.

Tom Morrissey, Seán Finn, Gearóid Hegarty, Barry Murphy, Mikey Casey and Pat Ryan won the Fitzgibbon medals and the feeling felt they had a feeling in the & # 39; panel when they returned.

There should always be a place for the Fitzgibbon and Sigerson Cup. They are great competitions but if the current situation is going on, Looking to be entering the same side as the Railway Cup.

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