Five Evenings at Freddy's VR: Help Wanted are listed by the ESRB


Scott Cawthon is a very busy person, he is currently working on a movie script, games v and inside AR, a new program, consular ports and more round projects Five nights at Freddy & s. And this week, This is the title in a true fact that he has spoken.

Five Evenings at End 2 of Freddy

A & # 39;ESRB, who disseminates video games in North America, as well as lists in his pillars Freddy's V N: Five-Stars: Help Wanted on PC and PlayStation 4. Logically, this should be a real-time game in reality; expectations of the fans and that would come out on computers, but also on consol Sony, through PlayStation VR. A & # 39;ESRB designating "T for Teenagers" for the game is terrible, and even give an interesting description:

These are VR forums and a tremendous game where players play as a repair to look at the characters in pizzeria animatronics. With first sight, players who search dark corridors, solve puzzles and try to avoid vibrant and non-problematic characters. The game often includes strips and a & # 39; jump with them, with the words "You are dead" appearing on the screen after attacking the players.

Well, nothing is so amazing, he is FNAF true and hard, but in real truth. But if soESRB has already recorded his game in his pillars, he is a mean that Scott Cawthon should be officially doing so quickly.

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