Five silver medals that you collected could give you fortune in 2019


There are several new money tickets coming in this year – choose the right one and you could make paper money for yourself.

The Royal Legion celebrates how Sherlock Holmes, Samuel Pepys and his / her; Queen Victoria with new medals in 2019.

And every year there are two or two valuables in addition to their value to their property.

In 2018, CoventryLive referred to talents that show how Beatrix Potter and Paddington Bear change hands for more than their value. think.

This year, the Mirror reports that there are several new medals – including two who are in the middle of the world. The most prominent British republics have appeared.

Also praised the Staffordshire metaphorics, Wedgwood – cramped by Josiah Wedgwood, a member of the Lunar West West Midlands, a collection of great minds that change the world during the business outbreak.

Nicola Howell, leader of the Royal Monastic customers' business center, said: "Our designs in 2019 show a range of people, events and major creatures that have been running a continuing role in British life and culture.

"These limited editing shows are the only way to preserve all of these medals in one type and they are a unique way of identifying specific mammals in the coming year."

This is run down from the new medals on the way:

Sherlock Holmes 50p

The classic shadow of Sherlock Holmes, made by pipe ad and deerstalker, will appear on 50p memory, and # 39; celebrating the 160th anniversary of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.

The icon of the well-known literacy detector is circulated by Sir Arthur's story titles, including The Dog of the Baskervilles and The Sign of Four.

Creating Sir Arthur Conan Doyle has inspired generations of changes, reproductions, gifts and more.

He was not the only distinguished person who had been One bone in the first class in a job that was not as small as cricket work – that's a WG Grace. He also played in the same team created by Peter Pan, author JM Barrie and Jeeves and Wooster, PG Wodehouse.

Bonn D-Day £ 2

The 75th Anniversary of the D Latha sites on 6 June is marked by a £ 2. Base of the Confederation of the Confederation of Normandy in 1944, the largest attack. in history.

The base shows the places at Normandy assaults, names the beaches that were chosen – Utah, Omaha, Gold, Juno and Sword.

£ 2 Samuel Pepys coin

The journalist Samuel Pepys – who reports on the Great Fire of London and plague – will also be honored with a £ 2, 350 year base after he has finally entered.

When news arrived at the fire, Pepys met the valuable things possible and then – to keep it safe – he buried Parmesan's wine and cheese. The cheese has never been found.

£ 2 Wedgwood Pottery Base

The 260th anniversary of the establishment of one of the world's most famous clay companies will also be marked by the Wedgwood Pottery £ 2 medal.

We can not make any strong predictiveness, but seeing one of the most excavating pottery industries in the memorial, it seems that it should be valued.

Queen Victoria tins £ 5

Queen Victoria, born in May 1819, is shown on a rare £ 5 coin, by phone, penny-farthing bicycles, and other images from her six-year-old kingdom.

Typically, a £ 5 coin coin is reserved for special royal events, with the final being released to mark the Duke and Duchess of Sussex's wedding in May 2018.

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