Five technologists who spend $ 1,000 billion in a quarter


FAANG – quickly for the largest five largest technology companies – Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Netflix and Alphabet, Google's leading company – have officially entered a "market market" when they record more than 20% reduction with a maximum of 52 weeks. Therefore, the equation of these five enterprises has dropped more than $ 1,000 billion, according to statistics CNBCSouth Westerly

Compared to the highest ever established ever, stocks in the FAANG group now lose 20 to 40 percent of the value.

Goldman Sachs has recently been Apple's target target price. The company said that the reason for its & # 39; The lowest price has come from a weak demand for Apple products in China and other emerging countries, and the brutal reception by consumers. Used by XR product line.

Facebook sections also fell 40% from the highest, the highest decline in the FAANG group. A series of negative news related to the largest planet's network has emerged from the summer, especially the impact of Facebook's top leaders to the 2016 US chart.

The Amazon extracts started as a recital for business results in the last quarter of the year will be lower than expected. The Netflix and Alphabet section also fell by 35.6% and 20.3% respectively.

Previously, Facebook and the Bible established the key stages in July at $ 218.62 and $ 1,291.44 respectively. The Netflix Register is the highest of $ 123.21 in June. At the same time, Amazon and Apple shares achieved the highest levels to date at $ 2,550.5 and $ 233.47 in September and October.

Mac Mhaighstir Anaccording to CNBC)

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