Five themes identified by the administrators of the property in 2019.


In Latin America, the objectives for this business are optimistic, according to Moody's risk control group.

There is very little to do with investments for this year. By 2018 already played, now we need to think about what's coming for 2019. This is just what the Moody's purpose group aims to; do, see a calm view for Latin American craftsmanship, a & # 39; designation "sustainable" of the business

But everything is not silent, since then the international company has identified five edges that define business development for next year.

Growth in AUM

Moody predicts that the management resource (AUM) of the department's fund managers will be based on the highest levels of interest, as will be the currency policy in the ordinary department.

At the same time, companies' schedules are expected to & # 39; grow as the clients make, and # 39; think the industry in the continent is still relatively low.

Stability in the community

The department has a quiet situation, and in line with projections, there is a period of financial stabilization that will be supported by an economy that would, grow about 2%.

On the side of the financial markets, although Moody indicates that product prices, which are essential for the region's economies, increasing in 2019, money will be donated and some stock provisions will be able to experience diversity linked to global global initiatives.

The political factor

Although its agency has a & # 39; Demonstrates that new governments in the largest economies of the country – such as Jair Bolsonaro in Brazil – reduce the political risk of the department, have two uncertainties in which the subject may be moved.

In particular, Moody's points are on the Argentine elections, which prove that the government is considered proven markets for Mauricio Macri. The other is aimed at the policies of new Mexican headquarters, Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO), who deliver mixed indicators for investors in the past few months.

Demographic and social movements

Despite the high levels of population growth, this is not translated as a business for the business of the Latin American property. This may change if people start to & # 39; saving a bigger part of their income, Moody says.

In addition, more work could be formal to support an increase in the AUM in the & # 39; business, it adds, says that the pension funds are in the right; helps to consolidate the industry-led resource through long-term funding for the region's economies. .

The technology edge

The collapse of technology in the company also has a & # 39; participate in policy development asset management to the future, according to the organization. And they expect new applications and technological solutions to increase the participation of investors and help with attracting new customers.

Although Moody expects that the FinTech industry continues to continue; fund managers, they also note that unions are already seen between B2B companies and funding advisers.

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