Flavio Mendoza, in love with a married man and son – 03/01/2019


Flavio Mendoza he did not know it Moria Cánán in "unjust" (America). In the middle of a conversation, the tailor finished it in love with a married man and gave details of the relationship.

In October last year, Flavio He separated from Daniel Allodi, with whom he was a couple for three months and said that the reason for his scandal had been incredible. Yesterday, Wednesday, when Moria He asked about his wonderful situation, Flavio He answered: "Now I am my father (with Dionisio, who is 8 months old) I like me, but I do not have a fortune … There is a conversation and a go, but with a & # 39; baby it costs me more. "

But, indeed, Flavio Mendoza He said: "I'm going to attack something, I've been in love with someone for many years, I think it's with me too, but There is something that is not set, it's not in the middle, nothing is visible. We talk, we accept it, has a son and I have a son. "

"He has a partner but he is not happy with him -All to provide detailed information Flavio Mendoza-. I know because we talked about it, it does not. cutting for his son. Did you see that when you're making a family and have a child, are you very scared to go on something else? And tell me last night, "he said.

In describing that person who considers it so big, Flavio Mendoza He said: "I think the person who marries me, tell me and he says to stop chasing." And I replied, 39; there, but I tell you that because you reach it I do not know what you tell, but it's true. & # 39; We have our meetings in Buenos Aires, we eat, we talk … we know each other about seven years ago"

It decides to tell the truth, Flavio Mendoza He said: "If we had relationships? At first, yes, what happens, he married after a while and married, I met him through other friends and came to two parties, 39. It's beautiful that he told me that I would like to have one day with you, my son and with God (Dionisio, son of Flavio) at Disney and killed me with love ".

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