Flexibility in Egyptian banks and black market


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Saudi Arabian Riyal Commercial Level Saturday: Stability in Egyptian Banks and the Black Market. Afternoon time from the Arab News Website, Saturday 17 November 2018.

Saudi Riyal exchange rates Today Saturday in Egyptian banks and the black market, updated daily according to the latest prices, with a simple analysis of the reasons for the increase or fall, and the Saudi currency performance in 3 months, and The reasons for the revival or decline of black market, and we will offers average prices for black market in 6 months.

The Saudi government rose in two years from the previously trained prices, and the black market grew significantly, especially before the decision on the exchange rate of the pound was taken against the money, and the black market came after issuing the exchange rate, and proceeded to a higher level than its levels to reduce it rapidly. ; average price of 4.70 pounds, and it is a bit back with the rise in demand during Hajj and Umrah, for reasons for tourism companies, and is back with the demand; for it, and also a commercial decline in the black market for a lack of price differences between its; official and parallel market.

Saudi Riyal Commercial Rates Today

Saudi Riyal Commercial Rates Today

Saudi has been reinforced in black market affirmation at a & # 39; their average price in 3 months, and EGP 4.70 registration for purchase and EGP 4.80 for sale. Price is & # 39; Black market changes from one department to another and does not officially rely on its prices. The Saudi government has remained stable at the same rates in more than a month and settled at a minimum price in 3 months.

Saudi Riyal Level Today in Egyptian Banks

Maximum price to buy: 4.77

Gulf Gulf of Egypt Bank

Lowest price: 4.72

Arab Bank

Price Price Bank for the latest Price Sale price from Gulf Gulf Egypt 4.77 Day 4.77 Day Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank 4.77 Bruz Channel Days 4.77 4.79 Audi Bank Days 4.77 4.79 Bloom Bank Days 4.76 4.79 37 Arab Arab Bank Summary 4.76 4.79 HSBC HSBC Days 4.76 4.79 2 months 4.76 3.79 4.78 days 4.17 3.76 4.76 3.17 days of the Swiss Bank 4.76 4.77 days 3. The Arab Investment Bank AIB 4.75 4.79 days of the Egyptian Agricultural Bank 4.74 4.79 Export Day Development Bank of the 5th day of Egypt 4.74 4.79 Two days International Banking Bank (CIB) Bank of Egypt 4.74 4.79 Two days Egyptian Bank Development 4.74 4.80 Christian Credit Days 4.74 4.79 3 National Greek Bank Week 4.74 4.80 Two Days National Bank of Kuwait (Pirate) 4.74 4.79 International Banking Days of Arab Afrikaans 4.73 4.79 3 Egyptian Arab Bank Days 4.73 4.83 Alexandria Bank Days 4,773 4.78 NBK Days NBK 4.73 4.79 Housing Days & Development Bank 4.70 4.79 6 months Al Baraka Bank 4.69 4.83 Arab Bank Days 4.67 4.72 One Year

The rise in the kingdom against the not

The Saudi money rises in the Egyptian market in 3 years from the price levels in previous years. Based in the last year 2017. Expectations of gradual decline in the country, after a period of price stability due to its exchange rate sustainability; I opposed the rest of the money and the increase of bank assets resources, which increased sustainability in the Egyptian market.


In the current Umra season, the demand for Saudi currency has been updated, and so it is possible to rise slightly, although the Saudi Riyal Bank reserve from Saudi Riyal is the largest control of the kingdom in Egypt .

The Saudi Riyal has been constant for almost a month, due to the financial market stability of the Egyptian market, The decline of the large demand after the end of the Hajj season and the increase in the silver backup from the ages.

The best company from the Suez Channel Bank at EGP 4.77 and the best sale from the Arab Bank for EGP 4.72.

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