Flight flights Hit off Debt-Hit Air Jet Airways Land as part of the fleet


Jet Airways has 123 aircraft on its fleet, including Boeing 737s and 737 MAX online


Jet Airways was forced to retire a part-time part of its 123-plane fleet with an argument after not paying lenders, which has meant that some domestic trips were closed. But the airplane is denied that the targets are closed due to the establishment of planes. The silver-fish has also been pushed on her & her; company to pay delays for its employees and the air company, which accounts for debts around 700 crore, requires urgent money to work.

Earlier this month, the airplane was likely to have been paid to a joint venture of banks led by the Indian State. It also gives money to retailers and lunchrs.

The private carrier investigates her & # 39; Easily convert some of their debts fairly with lenders such as Bank State of India. There are also discussions with Etihad Airways section to find a private resource through higher equity, said sources.

If the speeches are successful, Jet Jet lenders, and & # 39; including the Indian State Bank, at the same time up to 30 per cent, and Etihad Airways could take more from 24 per cent to more than 40 per cent if it is increasing the chances of a bearer, his Reuters news agency.

But Etihad is trying to control work and asks the Jet Airways leader of Naresh Goyal to " disciplinary disciplinary case.

Jet Airways would require shareholders "the total money paid under loans, extended / extended by loans, shares, converting instruments or other securities, from the company …, "notify the meeting that was submitted to the stock co-productions, reporting the Newspaper of the Newspaper.

Jet Airways has 123 flights on its fleet, including Boeing 737s and its recently purchased and efficient 737 MAX plane; travel on home routes.

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