Flirty online Otwock. Koleje Mazowieckie 'buys new trains


More than PLN 400 million is spent by Koleje Mazowieckie to buy 12 trains Flirt.
The first will take place in the second quarter of 2020 and run to the Sochaczew-Warszawa-Celestynów route. The remainder of Stadler's deal is worth more than two billion zlotys.

As the railways make sure, Flirty is the newest generation of trains: modern, light, saving power, with boxes made of altar altar. "They'll be the one place, with air ventilation, equipped with visual and audio tools and wireless internet connection" – we read in the Koleje Mazowieckie communion.

Trains can reach 160 km / h. They are to be prepared by disabled access platform, wheelchair spaces, children and cycles and new toilets.

Charter is divided into three contracts

– This is the second contract to procure a train of 71 such trains. The first, to buy six vehicles, was signed in May 2018 – said Robert Stępień, president of the Mazovian Railway, at a press conference on Thursday.

President Kirsty confirmed that KM and producer Swiss Stadler announced three further contracts in the next two years.

– The first contract to deliver 12 other five car vehicles by 29 February 2020, which will be taken to the Skierniewice-Warsaw-Mińsk Mazowiecki route. The second contract will include the delivery of 15 five-part vehicles, which will be signed to 31 August, 2020, and the vehicles purchased for the Gaul Kalwaria / Czachówek-Modlin route – will be mentioned.

The third contract will finally introduce the delivery of 16 other parts vehicle. – We will introduce it until 31 March, 2021, and the warehouses bought for food will provide the Warsaw-Tłuszcz route for food – the President said.

The MC chief reported that the contract signed on Thursday (for 12 Flirts) is valued near PLN 405 million. He also noted that the total value of a contract for 71 vehicles higher than PLN 2.2 billion was worth. It will be achieved with the support of EU funds and a loan from the Gospodarstwa Krajowego Bank and PKO Bank Polski. – But we also had to prepare our own funding – we emphasized the president.

Higher earnings in Siedlce

Tomasz Prejs, from the Stadler Polska board, who is booking for Koleje Mazowieckie, said the new stores were being built in Siedlce plants, and the company co-operates with other Polish suppliers.

He added that, at the moment, his contract with Mazovian had increased and had an additional 250 employees. In its opinion the next steps in the contract give the company the opportunity to maintain these offices in the following years.

On Thursday at we also write about a new play which was in the pipeline:

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