Florida Cars to A & E; Dolphins work together to complete actions (Video)


MARATHON, FLOOR ISLANDS – Are the sharp dolphins working together to achieve and achieve actions?

"Yes," said a marine mammal researcher at the Dolphin Research Center in Florida Keys.

The project has been almost a year ago that dolphins have been launched. work together to work together.

The research, carried out in conjunction with a scientist at the University of Western Australia, made a pair of dolphins to swim across the Clachan Florida lochs until they reached and pushed the black buttons under water. The buttons were used to a top surface computer to record tasks and time when the two dolphins put the buttons away.

"We wanted to find out if dolphins could be actively involved," said Dr. Kelly Jaakkola (YAH & # 39; -ko-lah), DRC's research director. "The game was that the dolphins had to swim over the mill and click the buttons at the same time … in particular, inside window once again. "

In some experiments, the dolphins were combined, Jaakkola gave his attention. In others, there was a delay in participating in one participant. The other would wait, until the two pressed on their buttons at the same time.

"The dolphins did not succeed in this test, they were amazing," she said. "At the end, the time difference between their buttons was just 370 millions.

"That's about a third of a second," said Jaakkola. "This collection type shows that they just did not work together … then they are actively co-ordinated in a very thorough way to improve their behavior to be co-finished. "

It seems that they are common mental abilities that can apply to many actions, which Jaakkola, known as "behavioral synchronization", is shown by wild dolphins when they are going to co-ordination of swimming or feeding.

DRC researchers also explore whether dolphins are </ i>; using vocal signs or other ways to co-ordinate activities.

Research findings were published in a biological research journal of The Royal Society, a UK-based scientific academy.


Bottlenose dolphins can understand the work of the partner in collaborative work.

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