Florida catching chains of drug supplies for its & # 39; Meaning of Opioid Emergency Support


The Florida state holds the largest two drug strands in the US, Walgreens and CVS for a & # 39; keep helping to & # 39; help opioid disease across the country.

"We will continue to continue those companies that were involved in opioid emergence," said Pam Bondi's state Attorney General in announcing the suit. "Thousands of Floridians have suffered as a result of the actions of the defenders."

On Friday, Bondi complained that the two lines were over and did not sell them illegally from drugs.

It also focuses on Insys Therapeutics, Inc., which the filing claims provided to doctors' breakdown for its & # 39; opioid produce, Subsys.

The three companies were added to a bigger suit against a variety of opioid providers.

CVS spokesman told the New York Daily News that the legal campaign was "unacceptable."

"Over the last few years, CVS has taken a number of actions to strengthen our victims to tackle the opioid disease of the country," said spokesman Mike DeAngelis.

Walgreens was saying to the hill that is not & # 39; Commenting on waiting for a lawsuit.

Cnoc has come to CVS to comment.

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