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TALLAHASSEE, Fla. – Over 40 years of history was covered in one solution. The strengths were at Boston College. Florida State streams were just 42 consecutive quarters and 36 just bowl shows sitting in the coffin.

The eagles had two minutes 45 minutes to order a time of unparalleled success from one of the most beautiful programs in the college's football history.

Continue until 21-16 late in & # 39; Fourth quarter, Steve Addazio's Eagles coach won himself between a strategic area that is well-known in rock and hardship with the fourteen-off crime of the Florida State 40-yard line, with the choice between being giving access to its & # 39; first go down or push to & # 39; wall and make the Seminoles try all the time; sea ​​to score.

After burning some of the clock then & # 39; made out to find out if the Florida State made its own case with a penalty, Addazio added something to him; He expected most and put out the pound team.

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"I think everything was right," he said. "How hard is a decision? You know, I was really feeling about it. But wall dancing was near the middle of such a field. [if you go for it.]& # 39; & # 39;

Grant Carlson awarded the Seminoles at their 13-yard line. All the eagles needed to stop.

Instead, the protection of the eagles hangs on their hatches on every season to play most of the season.

Supporting & # 39; wall, Seminoles saw quarterback Deondre Francois to capture Tamorrion Terry's capture of his & her; the end of Brandon Sebastian and sent a 74-yard garden 22-week Seminoles award.

"Especially with its result, your heart is like," I should go for a & # 39; first down, "said Addazio."

But he said calmly.

"I know that's the right thing," he said. "He did not have the right result."

Eagle protection was more than confident that he could finish the contract.

"When you play the game, you want to be your hands and that's what we have said for protection," said Zach Allen. "We wanted to put our hands on and we did not do it today."

Francois was trying to go up to the top of Terry, but he did not. can connect. Anthony Campanile, co-ordinator of eagles even tried to do Sebastian himself before breaking the ball.

"They try to clean the season's safety and cut a job in the corner," said Addazio. "I think Camach a Choidsich was calling out, to a very good play, to Brandon that the" 8 "route was coming."

The Seminoles put their record to 5-6 and hoped to finish .500 and expand the struggle of bowel scenes. At the same time, the Churches Àir took. 20 second losses just fashions, & # 39; dropped to 7-4.

"It's now a very difficult training staff and a catching room is very unhappy with the players," said Addazio. "I think we all know that there was a gold opportunity here to let us go from us. You have not taken anything away from Florida State. They went and made They play the play that is necessary to win the game. But I say to you that this is very difficult – maybe I use the word that was destroyed, then I said it would not be the awesome. "

At the beginning of the week, Addazio did not make sure that Anthony Brown was able to start a back-wheel after going to # 39; woman injured against Clemson. But he was not ready to release her Bruce either. When Brown died on the field on Saturday, b & # 39; He wondered what the money was; him.

"I did not think," said Addazio.

Brown was struggling due to his & # 39; first half of course. He threw two solutions, one just outside the red zone. The eagles met 150 yards of total crime in the first half. The most expensive series is & # 39; The first driving dog was the first goal and goal of the eagles from the Florida State 2-yard line and brought them two fatal starters back to the 12. Seeing Colton Lichtenberg miss It is a 29-yard goal except to wound salt in the wound.

"We needed to work better in the first half to take advantage of our opportunities," added Addazio. "When you're on the road and you do not do that, that's usually a return to be your behaviors."

Brown took hold of the two divisions and completed 18 out of 36 passes for 297 yards. The Kobay White receipt took seven packs for 121 yards. Running back A.J. Dillon raised 116 rods and two touchdowns on 37 behaviors. With the sixth season of their 100-yard game in the season, Dillon grew up to her; The first time back in the school's history for pressing for 1,000 yards in the & # 39; first two.

"Honestly, I'm sure we were only the first half," said Brown. "It was not me. It was deleted. We knew what we should do, I know what I should do in the second half when we came into the room, showcase for half-time. I made some changes. We just went on that course and that's there. "

The nine winners were the markers that the eagles were set at the beginning of the season. Now, with just one left match against Syracuse, they need to reconfigure their goals.

"I mean, is Syracuse," said Allen. "It's a competing match, and so we're just focusing on it now. If there is not enough reason to finish with eight winners – that have not been done Here is a short time – many people have to leave the building if they do not go up to that challenge. So I think we are a focusing body and come back from it. "

Julian Benbow can be reached at [email protected]
Julian Benbow can be reached at [email protected]

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