Floyd Olsen from "Paradise Hotel" – Shock is hit in the "Paradise Hotel". This has actually happened


In the second week there is a Paradise Hotel, and the game is already starting to increase.

On Thursday, Floyd Olsen, 22, had to thank himself, after two weeks in Mexico, but this didn't happen because of the game. Dagbladet recognizes that Olsen tells lies to the production company Mastiff, which they received in the second week of registration.

It was therefore decided that it should be wound up. Olsen tells Dagbladet why he has lied.

LIGHTING THERE: Badyd Olsen will be inspired by the story of Robin Johansson, who will meet at a Paradise Hotel in the first instance. Video: Jonas Scheie Hammer / TV3
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Held in hidden judgments

– I knew they were going to do it out last, and they got everything on the table when they asked, it just says to Dagbladet.

Olsen was formerly convicted of previous events before age. Dagbladet chooses to re-represent the content of the judgments, but says that Olsen has been found before. This is because it breaks the constructive regulations of the production company and the program.

The only thing that the 22-year-old didn't know about these circumstances was why there was a total of the truth. A summit failed to discover the mystery and on the same day he was told that he would have to leave the hotel.

SHIPPED HOME: Floyd Olsen got in touch with the job, so he had to return to Norway. Our other partners were surprised when it was announced at the ceremony. Here with the deliveryman Triana Iglesias. Photo: TV3
SPECIAL HOME: t Floyd Olsen told the delegates, so he had to return to Norway. Our other partners were surprised when it was announced at the ceremony. Here with the deliveryman Triana Iglesias. Photo: TV3
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Olsen hoped his time in "Paradise Hotel" would be more than two weeks, and when he looks back at him, he admits perhaps he was honest earlier.

– It was wrong for me to miss this, for they could be out of control. He is foolish to get so early, but I can't do anything about it now. So I have no reason to regret it, the case the partner believes is.

The result offered him the chance to stay in the hotel hotel until the recording was late, but since he was refused, he would prefer to go home.

Despite these virtuous virtues, the 22-year-old says that his friends have stood up and supported him in what he did.

– I have my back and most think it was very difficult to leave me. What everyone else is thinking about me, I don't care much about it. I refuse those who don't like it, he says.

Olsen says that he is now someone else when he has been convicted.

– I am clearly sorry that I did, and have punished my punishment. I have always been a real justice son, but I have been young and foolish. I wasn't thinking about everything and as a result of the DDR I've gained unfair control, he says, and continues:

QUESTION: Floyd Olsen says that he is regretted at the time of his conviction, and admits that it was open to judgment with the result. Photo: TV3
Mourning: Floyd Olsen says he is regrettable about the convictions, and admits that he has been open to judgment with the result. Photo: TV3
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– It has improved over time. I hadn't been cured for this since 2015 and I have put this behind me. Although I play usually in the hotel, I don't. Those I know can test.

The magazine ensured that the football role had to be sacrificed.

– He went into a donkey. I have given me the best opportunity I had in life, and went on to mind. That was when I started reading a lot about businesses, regulation, and marketing. I started on social media courses and organized a new career.

Today he works with management and supervision in Nonstop Music, which has been multi-instrumental – including Adrian Sellevoll and Henrik Elvejord Borg from "Ex on the Beach". – in the stable.

"More cooks": There are a lot of lights in which children join Norse proverbs to challenge participants "Paradise".
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– He kept it hidden

Andreas Framnes, a press officer for "Paradise Hotel" on TV3, tells the following to Dagbladet about all the developments in Mexico.

– We got advice that the person involved was not really honest during the preparation process, and we did this later from the partner's partner. We've acted as fast as we learned about breaking a contract, that immediately affected my partner, ”said Framnes to Dagbladet.

No police certificates are issued on a standard basis, and production companies do not meet the words of the police.

BETTER ROLE: t These four boys are going to look in the "Paradise Hotel" and couldn't be prepared to enter the light. Video: Jonas Scheie Hammer / Narrator: Kine Proud
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They cannot, therefore, get informed if the honest partners are not in agreement about these conditions. Framnes confirms that they are not responsible for the people involved in the case, but that they need their prior training.

– It is essential at the preparatory course, so we have the opportunity to make a full assessment of how suitable each partner is to attend the "Paradise Hotel". The difference between giving opportunity and opportunity to reflect on how those dealing with their own affairs has a very real difference between them and to keep their record for themselves. this process, explaining that the partners have several opportunities to respond. they are very enthusiastic about the process through the process.

Pop-up Paradise Hotel this year includes Robin Johanson, who has been convicted of previous convictions. The difference between them and Olsen is that Johanson has been open about this, earlier than the newspapers and the result of the demonstration at the time of the hunting process.

– In this case, Floyd has not been honest with us, both as a breach of trust and breach of contract. In the Robin case, it was open about his background from the beginning, and it is important that he was honest with us so we can find out how he might think about it – and the distance and distance – like he has done, he explained.

This is not the first time that such an event marks a series of facts. Last year Kim Stefan Jenssen had to leave the Farm on similar grounds. In 2015, Mads Fosdal had to leave the TV yard, following an experiment during the film.

ANSWER ONLY: The first fear of the tape was Ti "Paradise"

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