Flu vaccine; 10 successful cases in Campeche


Prior to increasing the number of flu, the Health Ministry strengthened the Campeche state of emergency investigation and vaccination application in health centers.

Up to the number of the ecological week, the number 46, 491 had a positive case of influenza and 28 deaths recorded throughout the country.

In Campeche, more than 10 substantive issues have already been found and 95 critical issues are under investigation.

"In this winter season, in the Campeche state of 12 cases, the same thing that was remedied and that Campeche can notify it, H1N1 has 5 cases and 7 cases are in the type of B," said Ramón Canto Lara, head of the Health Ministry's banquets department in Campeche.

The cold season began at the beginning of October and it is considered that the number of cases of this disease may increase from the next January to February.

"Consider before December due to the fact that we will not get a vaccine by the end of December that we may be the worst disease in January and February, if we want to protect it, we must immunize in November," said Romana Sánchez, director of his / her; Healthcare vaccine program in Campeche.

Queretaro will initially record a & # 39; die from this flu

"The serotype that is surrounded, because this is one of the most invasive people. Children under 5 are a very strong group because of their communication features, they are large groups and, in fact, their protection situation makes it easy, they will give up the influenza, "said Arlene Acosta, a responsibility for the vaccination of the Ministry of Health's knowledge in Campeche.

The health department has grown the vaccine to serve the entire Campeche population. For this season there are more than 242 million dollars and it is expected that December will be vaccinated in December, with 70% of the population.

"44,000 vaccine volunteers are the important progress, what is needed in November and December to increase coverage," said Ramón Canto Lara, head of the Vaccine Department of Health Ministry's knowledge in Campeche.

The units with the highest number of cases of influenza test during the 2018-2019 season: Veracruz, Guerrero, Chiapas, Sinaloa and Oaxaca; that they all contribute to 51.9% of the total of the 491 confirmed cases.

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With information from Gerardo Sánchez.


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