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NASA's New Horizons spacecraft built the most distant search of another world on Tuesday, passing a bit vacant, 4 billion miles from Earth. looks shaped like a bowling pudding.

Successful flight controllers in Maryland have succeeded 10 times after the high, dangerous risk of the secret body called Ultima Thule on a frozen edge of the solar system, and 1.6 billion kilometers as well as Pluto.

"I do not know about everyone, but I've been enjoying this 2019 so far," said Alan Stern, the Southwest Research Institute. "I am here to tell you last night, overnight, the United States sparkle, New Horizons has made the longest search in the history of humans, and has done very amazing. "

The half-hour close operation came for the new year, and 3 1/2 years after New Horizons did not; passing Plutton.

For Ultima Thule – even if New Horizons in the Land disappeared in 2006 – the effort was harder. The spacecraft is circulated within 3,500 kilometers, more than three times closer to Pluto Pluto.

Working on self-policing, New Horizons was out of radio communications with administrators at the University of Johns Hopkins University Physical Science Laboratory from the end of Monday to Tuesday morning. Scientists wanted the spacecraft to shut down Ultima Thule and her; collect data, not to turn to Earth to phone home.

The mission manager, Alice Bowman, said she was more curious about her time than she was with Pluto in 2015 because of the challenges and the time, so much that messages spread more than six hours, one way, to exceed 6.4 billion kilometers. When a strong radio connection was finally received and members of the team reported that the spacecraft systems were green or good, she said with a relief: "We have a healthy spacecraft." Later on, she added more comic: "We did it again."

Heroes who break up in the control center and in a nearby surgery, where there are hundreds of others – are still tired of the double numbers on New Year's Eve; New – collected to wait for a word. Scientists and other team members introduced and shared senior pupils, and the audience's audience provided a sustainable vision.

Stern, Bowman and other leading players came quickly with their friends at the venue, where they were celebrated and a news conference was held. The speakers expressed delight to show the latest picture of Ultima Thule, which was built just a few million kilometers before the operation near 12:33 a.m.

"Ultima Thule finally gives us a secret," said Hal Weaver, a project scientist at Johns Hopkins.

Based on the early, smooth images, Ultima Thule is a long way – about 32 kilometers with 16 kilometers. It also spun at the end of the end, although scientists do not know as soon as possible; it is.

In terms of shaping, scientists say there are two opportunities.

Thule ultima is nothing anything connected with two lobes, a similar type of spinning gun spinning or a snowbird still in the shell, or two things that come back incredibly close to each other . One more likely group, they noted. There should be a response Wednesday, once better, closer images can be reached.

By the end of the week, "Ultima Thule will become a completely different world, compared to what we're seeing now," said the Weaver.


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January 1, 2019 / 7:16 m | Story:

A man who plowed her & # 39; to a crowd of people in the west of Germany early Tuesday, injured at least four in the vision that had been a foreign-led strategic attack, the police said.

The 50-year-old driver was at the first time of money; Mercedes tried to hit a group of people in the Bottrop town after midnight, but the walkers could jump out of the way, Muenster police said.

The unnamed man went into the middle of Bottrop where he stopped in the crowd. Police said the people who hit their car were including Syrian and Afghan citizens, some of which were seriously injured.

The driver started out to the nearby Essen village, where he tried and did not hit people waiting at a bus stop before being arrested by a & # 39 ; police who suspect trying to kill.

The authorities said the driver challenged the nations when they were arrested.

"Currently, review authorities are working on the fact that this was a targeted assault, which could be triggered by the anti-driver driver's attitudes," said the police, saying there were signs of the suspect of suffering from a mental illness.

Angela Luettmann, spokesman for the police of Muenster, could not immediately reinforce the German driver but said he came from Essen.

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January 1, 2019 / 7:03 m | Story:

Minivan started for walkers in early Tuesday on a street where people had gathered for New Year's shows in central Tokyo, injuring eight people, the police said.

The suspect, 21, Kazuhiro Kusakabe, was arrested and questioned, Tokyo Metropolitan Police had an ordinary state of anonymity.

There is a suspicion of trying to kill people by typing out. Driving a small vehicle through the street. The NHK TV film showed a small band with the entire end of its breakdown and ambulance officers and staff flow to the scene.

The ninth person was injured after Kusakabe escaped out of his car and hit it, the police said. His generality did not know his situation.

A large tank filled with kerosene was found in the car, the police said. The person who was suspected of putting a car into the fire was expected, said Mainichi newspaper and other Japanese media. The police refused to comment on the reports, saying that such reasons could still be monitored.

The crash was early on Tuesday on Takeshita Dori, a popular road for tourists and pop culture and fashion fans who run just with Meiji Shrine in Harajuku, Shibuya ward.

Every New Year's Eve, the train line that runs including the Harajuku station running all night, for people to welcome the new year with a sacred visit.


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December 31, 2018 / 9:29 f | Story:

A 51-year-old Canadian man was arrested at the Amsterdam Schiphol Airport after the authorities said he was saying he had a bomb.

Joanna Helmonds, a spokesman for the border police group in the Netherlands, said the event took place on Monday afternoon in one of the departure halls of its airports.

Helmonds says the hall was cleared as a care.

She says that the police are going to continue to. check out and get more information available on Tuesday.

The police do not come from the border police saying that planes were found and the person was arrested.

The term was re-opened after arrest.

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December 31, 2018 / 2:47 pm | Story:


Reporters in Times Square in New York continue to have water tweaks and some price pricing ahead of falling a member of the Year's Year & # 39; New.

The weather was wet, but at a light time, to see some people; Pay up to $ 10 for the type of plastic ponchos that sold for less than $ 2 at Walmart.

Larissa Duke, from Ontario, Canada, was for a worst option. The 22-year-old college student introduced herself in a rubbish bag and placed a scab roof on his head to dry.

A basket cascade was banned from the fair, so Duke turned off the screen to be removed at a security inspection.

"I was here last year and it was considered as big as I had to come up again," said the Duke. "The energy here is just what keeps you going."

Last year's celebrations one of the coolest is recorded at -12 C. This year, the temperature 7-10 C, but is expected to rain water; join the first hour of 2019.

Viewers to start & # 39; Gathering a wonderful Monday morning for the latest combination of extravaganza made-for-TV.

Justine Brenkel, 26, from Lyon, France, who was in Times Square on New Year's Eve, said: her bibliography. & # 39; & # 39; It is unique. It's a magic. It's New York, "she said – but the hours they were waiting to turn into disappointment.

"When we watch it on TV, it looks horrible, there is so much animation," said Brenkel, who was " serving the market with two friends. "But we're waiting for the show to start."

END: 7:20 a.m.

Snoop Dogg, Sting and Christina Aguilera will welcome 2019 in London full time with supporters from around the globe to come out to fall out; traditional frustration, firearms and fighting.

Spectators are expected to; Starting an early evening gathering for the extravaganza made-for-TV. As a case for years, the identification will be held under tight security, by parties inspected for arms and then on herding into pens, surrounded by metal assumptions, where they are waiting for midnight stroke.

Anyone who visits last year's celebration will be praying for better weather. Last year's event one of the coolest is recorded at 10 F. Broadcasters say a Monday party will have a chance to do so. occur in moderate temperatures but possibly water. Upholstery is prohibited for security purposes.

There will be water or waterproof, players will seek to illuminate the crowd.

Bastille and New Kids On The Block will sing their songs on "Dick Clark's New Year's Eve's Rockin", and the singer of Rexha's Baby songs will be a bit. play "Imagine" with John Lennon before the second 60 minutes go down to the midnight wall.

People who come early enough to stand in Times Square may have a good view of the levels where the entertainers are going to achieve. The rest of the fog, filled into pens that stretches a number of blocks north to Central Park, is capable of continuing its functionality; watch the screens.

There are no public toilets in the pens, a ban is prohibited and there are no cleaning cans, so picnic for the event can be rough. But reporters have enough companies, although experts say that there are very few 1 million to 2 million spectators who ask their officials and organizers; town.

Thousands of police officers are in attendance to provide security, with the help of a & # 39; dog split, 1,225 security cameras and 235 "blocking vehicles" are used to stop any vehicle attacks.

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December 31, 2018 / 1:29 f | Story:

Democrats House includes a package of Monday bills that would opening of a federal government without granting funding for the final wall of Donald Trump's President with Mexico, establishing an early decision to confirm the powerful new power in Washington.

The House is ready for voting as soon as the new Congress is going to be able to vote. Progressing Thursday, one of the first actions after the democrats have received control, according to an unauthorized supporter to consider his / her; plan and talk about an unidentified state.

The Democrats under Nancy Pelosi are all sure they are getting the two bills fast, to ensure their commitment to try to resolve quickly on some of the rules that are now in the second week. It is not clear whether the Synod is led by the Party, under the Chief Executive of Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., A & # 39; consider the second one – or would Trump enter them into law.

White House did not respond promptly to comment. The folder does not include the $ 5 billion trump that wants to; wall on the southern border. The president was running a series of Monday drills he still wants to build the wall, a signed firm promise.

McConnell's spokesman, Donald Stewart, made clear that the Senate would not take the Senate without Trump support. "It's simple: The Seanad is not going to send something to his president who does not sign it," he said.

Republican elders refuse to vote on any balls until each side, including Trump, agrees. Regulators were unhappy that Trump had previously released their previous legislation to stop his / her. decline.

The Dominican House did not give the Republican the Sinnon on the package, but it was expected that bills would have some bipartisan support because they are in a position; Reflection that earlier spending costs are already coming out between the parties and the rooms.

One bill will fund a time from the Home Security Department at current levels, with $ 1.3 billion for the security of the border, through May 8, duration & # 39; in which speeches will continue.

The other will have a measure made up of six other bipartis bills – some that have already passed the Synod – to fund the areas of Agriculture, Interior, Housing and Urban Development and others are closed with the final part. They would give money through the rest of the fiscal year to 30 September.

The House plans two separate votes for Thursday. If agreed, the bills would go to the Asset.

Senate Democrats supports the measures, according to a director who was not allowed to host the # 39; discuss the plan and talk about an unidentified state.

Without Trump's funding, the "unsuccessful" package, said Mark Meadows, R-N.C., Chairman House Caucus conservative House, in a tweet. He said he will not "be a valid answer to this vision."

But when the closure is going on, it is expected that there will be a Building on both sides for purpose, such as public parks and closed museums, and around 800,000 federal employees are unpaid.

Trump may accept the second or refuse bill, and it is not clear how to make a response. The president went on to continue on Monday that he wants to build a wall on his / her side; U.S.-Mexico border, despite saying that there are three-thirds.

"No concrete wall was NEVER ABANDONED," Trump Monday was tied. "Some areas will be completely tough, but most Patrol Borders know what they see (thus giving them access to what's happening on either side). "

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December 31, 2018 / 9:26 m | Story:

Directed by a sneaked office, South Africa's former president, Jacob Zuma, aims to record music in 2019.

An officer says that Zuma, his career in February, will "play" his international striking songs "from her; The anti-apartheid war in South Africa, the system of white minority languages ​​that ended in 1994.

Thembinkosi Ngcobo, an official in the village that is a including Durban, commenting on Twitter that he visited Zuma and "hunting a contract to keep our heritage through songs".

Ngcobo said Zuma is to play a tune, and including a man who wants to return a song, a song that's a song; appear in many southern African land changes; need to be able to correct complaints from time to time; the case of white leadership.

Zuma had to stop stopping her. a regulatory party in South Africa, to be ruined by corruption scandals.

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December 31, 2018 / 7:40 m | Story:

Reporters around the world are well-suited to a very yearly year full of challenges for some of the most fundamental locations in the world, including politics, trade, alliances and religion.

Here's a look at how people use it in a & # 39; new year:


The country of Kiribati is the island; Pacific is the first man in the world who welcomed his & her; New Year, welcoming 2019 with a successful aftermath; 2018 on the front line of the battle against climate change.

Kiribati is made up of a low spider throughout its central zone; Crossing three timescales, the first one that's; Seeing his new year 14 hours before midnight in London.

Much of the country's many landlands, with 110,000 people, are at risk of rising seas that has collected coastal towns. The boundaries are rising on water resources converting magnificent, awesome communities and making doubts that the country will be in the next year. Former President Anote Tong said that the same time for Kiribati could be a huge migration.

The new year was welcome in the & # 39; capital, Tarawa, church services and most private quiet signs.


In Auckland, the largest city in New Zealand, ten thousand miles around Sky Tower gathered when a fire-fire was destroyed from the 328-meter top of the world. Across the southern hemisphere country, the thousands moved to beaches and streets, and they went to the beach. The first world in the world that was a consumer in 2019.

Firefires were better and more distressed over large centers and harbors.


It was estimated that one million people were hosting Sydney Harbor as a " Australia's largest city in the new year with an amazing celebration of incredible fireworks.

One of the most complex exhibitions in Australia's history includes gold, purple and silver fireworks; came to the tune "Becoming a Feast" Natural Woman, "famous by Aretha Franklin, who died in August. The exhibition used 8.5 tons of fire actors and there were more than 100,000 pyrotechnic effects.

Earlier, thousands of thousands of people were collected rubbish as they collected for the traditional show, creating a spectacle with several lightning strikes.

In Melbourne, 14 tons of fireworks were used on the ground and on the 22 buildings that had a special impact; including flying dragon. In Brisbane, there were around 85,000 people who looked like fireworks; pulled from five boats tied on the Brisbane River.


Secretary-General Antonio Guterres sent a New Year's yearly messenger message called a real threat of climate change and warned that "the time is to give us an opportunity our best chance. " He noted that he was growing independence, geographical and inequalities, and means people "question a world in which a number of people keep the same wealth as half of humanity."

"But there are reasons for hope," he said. "As we start this New Year, we will tackle threats, protect human honor and build better in the time future – together. "


After an event year that saw three Korean Koreans and tensions held over Korea's nuclear program, In Northern Ireland, South Korea will be entering in 2019 with the hope that the detente expands to a steady, steady, positive advantage.

Thousands of Koreans were expected to fill out their capital streets, Seoul, for a traditional stone service near Hall. Town to a user in the new year. Among the gentlemen who were pulled to push an old night-night Bosingak glue, the famous guy Lee Guk-jong, who successfully completed a North Korean soldier who escaped to South Korea in 2017 in boots of bottles burned by his companions.

In other places, Imjingak was expected to have around 10,000 people attending a "peace bell" fee, a pavilion near her; border with North Korea.


The CEO will keep Kim Jong One who will be watching Korea who is busy on New Year's Day; New, when it is expected to deliver its annual address to set out the country's priorities for the coming year. The talk is the best measure of what Northern Command's leadership is focused and what tone it takes to deal with the outside world.

Kim's speech is carefully evaluated to know about Washington's and Washington's second denuclearization discussions with her; President Donald Trump, relations with South Korea, and North Korea's efforts to get rid of international sanctions as he attempts to build the home economy.

In New Year's speech this year, Kim suggested talks with South Korea to reduce pressure and said the North would be happy to participate in the Winter Olympics; South Timber, removing a series of roofs with a & quot; southern end and the USA.


New Year's Eve is not widely celebrated in the mainland of China, where the New Year of the Moon is more important, but countdown events were held in cities and some of the loyal ones that led them to Buddhist templates for clay and prayers Post-

Beijing's town was hosting a disease with VIP guests at the 2008 Summer Olympics site. The event went on to the 2022 Winter Games, which will also be held in the Chinese capital.

Additional policemen was used in parts of Shanghai, where Eun Year Eve Night killed in 2014, killed 36 people. In Beijing, publicity outsiders were forced to be much stronger than frost.

President Xi Jingping, in a message broadcast at the top of an afternoon news, explained the nation's achievements over the past. Last year and he said to host a series of multi-national meetings in 2018, "we put forward China's recommendations and put forward China's voice."

In Hong Kong, the skipper of the legendary skipper of the back-up town for wildcats, music and a light showcase across the Victoria Harbor was set to wild light at a cold evening. It was expected that around 300,000 people would run the sea.


Although many celebrate New Year's Eve & # 39; Newly with fireworks, hundreds of Thais traveled to the Temple of Takien in the bank of Bangkok to lie inside coffins for traditional burial ceremonies. Partners believe that the ritual – is symbolized to die and revive – a & # 39; help them to get rid of bad luck and her. allowing them to be born again for the start of the new year.

The participants would keep flowers and hands' hands when monks were covered with pink leaves and a prayer for the dead.

"It was not frightening or anything. It's our belief that it will help us to get rid of bad luck and give us a good luck," said Busbo Yookong, who came to the temple with his family.

Bangkok is filled with glitzy modern and modern malls, but incredible beliefs still affect many aspects of Thai society.


Many people are injured by firemen ahead of New Year's Eve, when many of the Philippines are in the middle of the year. removing powerful firefighters in one of the most violent signs in Asia despite the crisis of the government crash and arrests.

The Department of Health reported that it has recorded more than 50 injuries caused by fire in the last 10 days, and is expected to increase during the night when Filipinos use in 2019 with a bang. Although it is still a concern, the figure is much lower than a year ago, partly because fewer Filipinos have bought a fire break due to a difficult economic time.

Officers have asked centrally-based fireworks to prevent wild and sometimes deadly work. The famous tradition, has been expanded by converting a gungun to death, coming from a Chinese-born belief, a sound of removing evil and misfortune.

Light Heavy Extreme

Snoop Dogg, Sting and Christina Aguilera will welcome 2019 in Times Square with worldwide supporters who can see the traditional crystal loss.

Spectators are expected to; begin to gather early in the evening for her & # 39; a copy made for TV. The designation will be held under strict security, by parties inspected for weapons and then their herding into pens, surrounded by metal assumptions, Waiting for mid-stroke.

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Dec 31, 2018 / 7:25 m | Story:

At least four people died on Monday when a part of a 10-storey furniture building collapsed in the Russian Ural Mountains department, and found hundreds of rescuers for people who lived under the rubbish in the weather conditions.

The country's tallest research search agency, Committee of Inquiry found that explosion that was triggered by a gas solution meant that it seemed like a Magnitogorsk business town. It happened before autumn when most residents still slept on New Year's Eve; New.

The authorities said five were injured in hospital and 35 people were still not considered. Thadhail Ceann-suidhe na Ruis Vladimir Putin air an làrach tubaist mu 1,400 cilemeatair an ear-dheas air Moscow agus chaidh e gu ospadal ionadail far an deach luchd-còmhnaidh leòn a thoirt.

Lorg faisg air 1,400 luchd-sàbhalaidh daoine a dh 'fhaodadh a bhith air an adhlacadh fo sprùilleach togail ann an teothachd -17 C. Tha an ro-aithris thar oidhche a' gairm airson teòthachd gus a dhol gu -24 C.

Thuirt oifigearan èiginn gu robh iad a 'ruith an aghaidh na h-ùine bhon a chuir an aimsir shìde an cothrom air duine sam bith a lorg beò. Chleachd iad luchd-teasachaidh cumhachdach gus teothachd a thogail fon sprùilleach.

"Feumaidh sinn obrachadh cho luath 's as urrainn dhuinn oir chan eil an teòthachd a' toirt dhuinn ùine sam bith a thoirt dhuinn," thuirt an Leas-mhinistear Èiginn, Pavel Baryshev, ann an gairm co-labhairt le oifigearan ionadail.

An toiseach, thuirt na h-ùghdarrasan ionadail gun robh 68 neach air an clàradh oir bha daoine a bha a 'tuiteam às an togalach air chall, ach an dèidh sin lorg cuid dhiubh.

Thuirt Ministrealachd Èiginn na Ruis an dèidh sin gun robh 35 duine fhathast gun fhios, agus cha robh e soilleir nam biodh iad san togalach nuair a thuit e.

Dh'innis an riaghaltas roinneil, Boris Dubrovsky, do Putin gun do dh'fhoillsich ùghdarrasan an liosta dhaoine a bha a dhìth leis an dòchas gun robh iad an àiteigin eile nuair a thachair an spreadhadh agus gun innseadh iad càit an robh iad.

Tha luchd-obrach èiginneach air falbh bho luchd-còmhnaidh taobh a-staigh an togalaich, ag eagal gum faodadh iad cuideachd tubaid sìos.

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Dùbhlachd 31, 2018 / 7:17 m | Sgeulachd:

B'e Sen. Ealasaid Warren air Diluain a 'chiad cheum mòr a bh' ann a thaobh a bhith a 'cur iomairt air adhart gu mòr airson ceannas na SA, agus an dòchas gum faodadh a cliù mar luchd-iomairt populist a cuideachadh gus siubhal air raon deamocratach a dh'fhaodadh a bhith a' toirt a-steach faisg air dà dhusan tagraiche.

"Ge bith dè na h-eadar-dhealachaidhean a th 'againn, tha a' mhòr-chuid againn ag iarraidh an aon rud," thuirt am Pàrtaidh Deamocratach a tha 69-bliadhna a dh'aois ann am bhideo a tha a 'toirt a-mach eachdraidh a teaghlaich ann an Oklahoma. "A bhith comasach air a bhith ag obair gu cruaidh, cluich leis an aon sheòrsa riaghailtean agus a bhith a 'gabhail cùram do na daoine ris a bheil sinn ag iarraidh. Sin an rud a tha mi a' sabaid agus mar sin an-diugh tha mi a 'cur comataidh sgrùdaidh air bhog airson ceann-suidhe."

Thòisich Warren air an t-sealladh nàiseanta o chionn deich bliadhna rè an èiginn ionmhais le gairmean airson barrachd dìon luchd-cleachdaidh. Ann an ùine ghoirid thàinig i gu bhith na aon de shaighdearan saor-thoileach nas follaisiche mar a bha i uaireannan a 'sabaid ri oifigearan rianachd Obama air an fhreagairt a thug iad don tubaist mhargaidh.

A-nis, mar a tha coltach ris a 'chùis mu dheireadh, tha i a' dèanamh ath-thagradh gu bunait a 'phàrtaidh. Tha a bhidio a 'toirt iomradh air na dùbhlain eaconamach a tha mu choinneamh daoine dath, còmhla ri ìomhaighean de caismeachd boireannaich agus Warren a' gabhail pàirt ann an tachartas LGBT.

Ann am post-dealain dha luchd-taic, thuirt Warren gun cuireadh i fios gu foirmeil air plana iomairt tràth ann an 2019.

Is e Warren an Deamocrat as follaisiche fhathast gus gluasad a dhèanamh a dh 'ionnsaigh tagradh ceannas-suidhe agus tha e air a bhith na thargaid as fheàrr leis a' Cheann-suidhe Dòmhnall Trump.

Ann am meadhan na Dùbhlachd, dh'fhoillsich ceannard taigheadais Obama, Julian Castro, cuideachd comataidh sgrùdaidh as-rùnaire, a tha a 'toirt cead do thagraichean a bhith a' tòiseachadh a 'togail airgead. Mar as trice ann am Maryland Rep. Is e John Delaney an aon Deamocratach cho fada airson a bhith air ainmeachadh gu foirmeil iomairt ceannas-suidhe.

Ach tha e coltach gun atharraich sin gu luath anns a 'bhliadhna ùir nuair a bheir prìomh Democratach eile ceumannan gu ruige Taigh an Ailein.

Bidh Warren a 'tighinn a-steach do raon deamocratach a tha a' cruthachadh mar na deicheadan as lìonta, le mòran de na co-oibrichean aice fhèin a 'cur cuideam air na h-iomairtean aca fhèin, cho math ri riaghladairean, maoirsearan agus saoranaich eile. Dh'fhaodadh aon de na farpaisean as cudromaiche aice a bhith nan Seanalair Bernie Sanders, Vermont neo-eisimeileach a tha a 'coimhead air ruith eile a tha a' cleachdadh ceannas ceann-suidhe a 'cleachdadh na h-aon reusic populist.

Feumaidh i cuideachd gluasad thairis air deuchainn DNA a chaidh fhoillseachadh bho chionn ghoirid a dh 'fhosgladh san Dàmhair, a' ciallachadh gum bu chòir dha a h-iarrtas a thoirt do dhualchas Tùsanach Ameireaganach. B 'e an gluasad a bha a' feuchainn ri ath-chuairteachadh ìomhaighean Warren mar "Pocahontas." An àite sin, bha a cleachdadh de dheuchainn ginteil airson dearbhadh cinnidh a 'nochdadh connspaid a bha coltas gun do chuir e argamaid sam bith a bha i airson a dhèanamh. Cha robh iomradh dìreach air anns an bhidio a chaidh fhoillseachadh Diluain.

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Dùbhlachd 31, 2018 / 7:08 m | Sgeulachd:

Bha amharasach gun robh luchd-armachd Muslamach a 'cur bacadh air bom faisg air an t-slighe a-steach do dh' ionad anns na h-Eileanan Filipineach Diluain nuair a rinn daoine na bùithtean mu dheireadh air thoiseach air Oidhche na Bliadhn 'Ùire, a' marbhadh co-dhiù dithis agus a 'crìonadh faisg air 30, thuirt oifigearan.

Chaidh am bom faisg air cuntair air bagannan aig doras a 'bhaile aig South Seas ann an cathair Cotabato, a' call luchd-reic, luchd-reic agus luchd-siubhail. Fhuair na h-ùghdarrasan bom neo-thorrach eile faisg air mar a chuir feachdan an riaghaltais air dìon tèarainteachd sa bhaile, arm agus oifigearan poileis.

Thuirt Maighstir-cinnidh Cirilito Sobejana leis a 'fòn gun robh sgrùdadh tùsail a' sealltainn gun robh dealbhadh a 'bhoma coltach ris na chaidh a chleachdadh san àm a dh'fhalbh le luchd-iomairt Muslamach ionadail a chuir dìlseachd don bhuidheann Islamic State.

Chuir feachdan an riaghaltais ionnsaigh air aghaidh an luchd-militachaidh a bhuineadh do bhuidheann ris an canar Dalah Islamiyah an t-seachdain sa chaidh agus thuirt co-dhiù seachdnar de na militants san t-sabaid, thuirt Sobejana.

"Is e seo pàirt den tagradh, ach tha an duilgheadas a 'toirt ionnsaigh air luchd-còmhnaidh neo-chiontach," thuirt e ri luchd-aithris.

Supt. Thuirt Romeo Galgo Jr., leas-stiùiriche poileis Cotabato, gum faca fianaisean gu robh fear a 'fàgail bogsa ann an sgìre làn faisg air fosgladh an t-seòmair far an robh luchd-reic agus luchd-reic a' bleith. Bhris an spreadhadh pannalan glainne agus sgudal sgapte air an t-sràid air beulaibh an rèile.

Bhàsaich dithis de na 30 duine a bha a 'bualadh faisg air an t-soitheach nuair a chaidh an toirt gu ospadal, thuirt Sobejana.

Dhiùlt Cynthia Guiani-Sayadi Mòr Mòr Cotabato am bombadh agus dh'iarr e air luchd-còmhnaidh cuideachadh gus aghaidh a chur ri ceannairc.

"Chan e dìreach gnìomh uamhasach eile a tha seo ach gnìomh an aghaidh daonnachd. Chan urrainn dhomh mìneachadh mar a tha an leithid de dhroch ann san àm seo de ghlanadh," thuirt i.

"Chan eil e iongantach ciamar a tha cuid de dhaoine comasach air tòiseachadh air a 'bhliadhn' ùir le gnìomh de dhìoghlaidheachd ach ge b 'e dè an dòigh anns a bheil thu a' bagairt oirnn, tha muinntir Cotabato a 'fàs seasmhach … Seasmhach sinn an aghaidh ceannairc," thuirt i ri luchd-aithris.

Chaidh am bomadh, an fheadhainn as ùire ann an grunn ionnsaighean a chuir a 'choire air luchd-iomairt anns an roinn so-leònte, a dh'aindeoin ionnsaighean armailteach air-a-mach an aghaidh pòcaidean de bhuidhnean milteach a bha ag obair anns na boglaichean agus na sgìrean iomallach nach eil fada bho Cotabato agus na h-àiteachan roinneil.

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Dec 31, 2018 / 6:58 am | Sgeulachd:

Thuirt poileas Bhreatainn gun deach 39 duine a chur an grèim Diluain nuair a bha amharas aca gun robh iad a 'feuchainn ri murt a' leantainn às dèidh sabaid ann an taobh an iar Lunnainn.

Thuirt na poilis gu robh an t-uabhas a chuir an sàs riatanach oir dhiùlt na daoine a bha fo amharas co-obrachadh leis a 'phoileas an dèidh dhaibh a bhith a' sgoltadh.

Tha poileas Lunnainn ag ràdh gun deach iarraidh orra gu seòladh ann an sgìre Hammersmith ann an taobh an iar Lunnainn beagan ro 1 a.m. Diluain agus lorg iad duine na mheadhan 30 bliadhna a dh 'fhulang le leònan sabaid.

Thuirt an fhorsa gu robh grunn dhaoine fo amharas fireann agus boireann a 'leantainn às dèidh an neach a dh'fhuiling an dèidh atharrachadh ann am bùth. "

The suspects then entered a nearby residence where a party was taking place, police said. They were arrested after officers sent to the residence could not get anyone to answer questions about the stabbing.

Superintendent Mark Lawrence said the arrest of 39 was "appropriate" because of the need to obtain "essential evidence." Two knives were found close to the scene.

Police say the victim is in critical but stable condition. The suspects have not been identified or charged.

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