Flydubai abolishes 15 times a day to stop aircraft


03:18 PM

Wednesday 13 March 2019


Dubai airline Flydubai has announced it will be launching a total of 15 aircraft a day after a ban on Boeing 737 high aircraft in the UAE. T

Wednesday's spokesperson told a company spokesperson after a safety decision sent by the General Commission on Civil Aviation in the UAE had failed its airline Boeing 737. Max 8 and Max 9, with 13 airplanes, includes. Pre-safety care.

“The airline team is making every effort to minimize the impact on passengers and will alert passengers who are affected directly and will provide regular updates on the individual's website. -tarraing. "

Flydubai has announced that it was canceled Boeing 737 Max 8 and Max 9 of 13 aircraft.

She said that she would be reviewing its aviation timetable "to reduce the impact of the decision on passengers and to implement its aircraft through its new fleet of Boeing 737-800 aircraft." "

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