FNE sells AquaChile to Agrosuper and its sales; opening the way for the largest salmon farm in the world Economy


The National Economic Prosecution Office (FNE) announced Wednesday, on December 7, that it agreed to get the AquaChile division with Agrosuper.

During its investigation, the FNE analyzed the different ideas that could be easy to make the relevant market, and # 39; that decision Operation is not able to significantly reduce competition, as it is not higher than the elevation levels set up in the Guidelines for Global Frontier Operations Analysis for its & # 39; market market.

In this way, The work was completed without conditions with the Shill and United States authorities, which allows Agrosuper to make a Public Grant for Construction (OPA) for 100% of the AquaChile sections and consolidating itself as the world's second largest salmon producer, just behind the Norwegian Marine Harvest.

According to Agrosuper defined by statement, the agreement reached in August last year was to generate 67% reflection of the shares of the company through a construction up to 100% claim the sections, a work up to 850 million dollars.

At the same time, according to the FNE survey, the parties are active in the sectors of farming, harvesting, processing, and sales and salmon salmonids in the Atlantic and Pacific.

In terms of sales market, it was noted that AquaChile was a " distributing its materials through special shops and Agrosuper, on the other hand, provides a supermarket channel.

The Center Office agrees risks to competitions in this sector, due to lack of competition between these two systems, as there were several opportunities for retail and low cost provision a special source.

To this end, it has been added that most of the actors are consulted during the investigation They did not recognize that there were potentially resistant opponent effects who came from work.

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