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BERLIN, April 24 (Reuters) – The German Chancellor Merkel strongly committed the effectiveness of multilingualism in a speech at the World Economic Forum's Annual General Meeting (Davos conference). Even if we are & # 39; trying to encourage international diplomatic diplomacy, there is a danger to reduce our own political base and an attempt to send.

The First German Minister, Merkel, strongly advocated the effectiveness of inconsistency at the World Economic Forum's Annual General Meeting (Davos Conference) on January 24, but its political base could fall. A photograph taken in Davos on 23rd (2019 Reuters / Arnd Wiegmann)

The richness of the German is the responsibility of the international order that lives in many countries, and the principle "SA first" is recommended by the US President Trump. threatens this order. For this reason, Mr Merkel at the Davos conference has won a win-win "foreign win" policy this year and is trying to defend multi-enterprise.

In particular, in the next two years, Germany will have opportunities to become a non-permanent member of the Scottish Security Council as a means of tackling nationality, and at the beginning of its independence; February this year 20 countries / divisions (G20) I go to Japan to go to; serving as the world leader and I call for co-operation as "buddies".

Mr Merkel, a member of the Democratic Christian Union (UDP), explained the definition of a member of the Democratic Christian Union (CDU), "defined by a diplomatic and unofficial committee." After Merkel declined as chairman of the last December, I see it's a foreign policy in the interest. "

While he was & # 39; abolishing the UDP leadership, Mr Merkel decided to stay in his position; Prime Minister until the end of 2021, many citizens have accepted that many citizens have come to Lemdak (dead).

Mr Merkel himself had been involved in foreign policy and was able to stand up to plan the story of his party's homepage by being elected leader of the latest party Anne Clate Clamp Karenbauer .

As long as the UDP party is well organized, this scheme has no problem.

However, if the UDP and the Social Democratic Party of the Alliance (SPD) request the land in the European Parliament elections and a series of regional elections; Beginning in May, the political situation becomes unavoidable at a section, the government can complete its consortium Even situation can occur.

The government of a consortium has been driven to fall several times in 2018, and it is not surprising that the continuing force will be converted again.

For the Eastern German pre-area, regional elections will be held in September and October, but in these sectors, the parties are very rectangular "Other Options for Germany (AfD)" in the main, a & # 39; overdue CDU This is because the move that goes to its # 39; first party.

In 2017, AfD received seats in the Congress for its & # 39; The first time against Mr Merkel's uncomfortable broader backdrop responding to his / her public; aggressive aggression policy. Among the three divisions that were expected to have parliamentary elections in the autumn, the support rates in the Saxony State state and Thuringia are ill, and in Brandenburg, they supervise the SPD leader closely alongside the UDP.

Due to the strong rise of AfD, local UDP leaders have not eliminated their ability to work with left parties; left so they do not put AfD in an administrative position.

If the CDU gives power from the UDP in the old East Germany, there is a view that Mr Merkel will take up his position without a ' waiting for 2021 tends to be restored.

The European Parliament's election is another danger. The Christian Confederation of Society (CSU), which is part of a governing body, consortium, Mr Manfred Weber, who belongs to the party, is disturbed to become a European Chairman. party, but Mr Weber's struggle in the election of a weak European Parliament will send Mr Merkel a critical criticism and may again be difficult again within a & # 39; partnership.

And the final catch for Mr Merkel is in the SPD. SPD is the flagship of the state's prime minister's status in the election of the Bremen Parliament in May.

On the other hand, the UDP and SPD partnership support agreement has dropped to 15% in the latest survey, and the SPD can withdraw the option of a consensus at the time of the interim inspection of the independent consensus agreement.

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In any case, Merkel does not appear to be collected in the European Parliament elections and regional elections from May.

Mr Mujtaba Rahman, Managing Director of the Eurasia group, said the election records and the dangers involved in its government co-operation, "Merkel does not seem to have built a situation to guide the world year "Before the wings were first expanded, it showed that there are domestic problems that need to be addressed.

(Andreas Rinke, reporter Paul Carrel)

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