Folded images on the mouth of Boca san Superfinal


In video broadcasting with C5N, you will see when Maximiliano Levy, a member of "La 12", on camouflaged to San Martin platea. Then he took selfie with a girl who was with him and published on social networks.

Justice & examined whether Levy was in to see the game or if he had to do with the attacks that Boca players suffered near the stadium.

Who is Maximiliano Levy?

He is a businessman and was kept up for 88 days, who had been killed Maximiliano Mazzaro, number 2 of Mouth bravewhen Mauro Martin was the only leader of his arrest, and was alleged to be tied to a murder case.

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It was taken early in March 2013, when he was returning from a trip with La Doce through Ecuador. He also ties closely with him Admiral Brown, a team that plays in & # 39; First National B.

A tax was also examined in the case for illegal liaison that was against a folder and a # 39; Xeneize Desert Walls. In August 2014, the Air Court of Àir. 24 prints to both and Pablo Migliore's watchman for the cover; Previously: he would have to take 2,000 pesos to Caritas.


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