folded smartphones coming in by 2019


With the MWC 2019 around the corner and Samsung event to do, it's time to recycle everything we know about the next folded smart phones that the different companies of the department will appear during this year. Because, if nothing is to be blocked, this will be one of the great shifts we will see over the next few months.

There are a number of different models, concepts and still clear about what the technology of this technology is for each company. It is the general vision of leaving a few weeks of truths where we have already seen its presence; First decisions and confirmation of declarations regarding messages. These are the smartphones with spyware features on your screen that we hope.

Samsung Galaxy F

Samsung is already looking true to & # 39; his mobile phone during his promotional promotional conference in November, and re-launched it in January during a CES show in Las Vegas. The company is preparing a major event next day 20 February to launch its new Galaxy S10 field, snow and, maybe, be the pattern of the painting.

Will be big screen over 7 inches when it is developed and it is also smaller – around 4.5 "- when it is folded, the absence is missing, together with information, which suggests that the This model has still come into representation and the company does not make plans for its marketing quickly, to show it in the previous event, and if nothing changes, it will only be for display purposes.

Xiaomi Flex

Although this last name is not clear, it is clear that an Asian company is fully involved in the development of its wired digital phone. They already displayed a few weeks ago on video, and also confirmed the entry in this section at the time of the year.

The concept shown in the video, which is likely to be a very active phone, is different from the Samsung idea, and in the " In this case a Chinese business is chosen Put both sides of the screen by side to make it ready harder. Original, different and attractive. Xiaomi has an event for the next day February 24 in Barcelona, ​​but it is not clear if we find out more about this device.


Oppo is one of the Asian companies who are preparing to showcase the curved phone in the world. One of the company's business activists in November said it would be there MWC 2019 when we saw it for the first time, although there has been no tune or news since then.

The company will have a & # 39; planning an event for the day February 23 Also in Barcelona, ​​so it could be there when more information about the device is found. There is a clear appearance, like the old ones, that the consumer should not expect to see rapidly in the market.


Among those who can not lose a wedding party party, is Huawei, who has also promised to go to # 39; Show advances in this regard at the Barcelona fair. He is also a February 24, Sunday, when a company has a & # 39; planning his event, is reinforced with an invitation to clarify that this phone will be present.

It shows a two-dimensional device that is a? identifying a machine with just one large screen going over one point. There are also no appliances or details about this destination.

Motorola RAZR

Motorola could be one of the great amazing features in the widespread spectacle of wedding brands this year with a review of its mythical RAZR. Different differences suggest that this would be the same as the RAZR V3, but with a screen that would monopolize all the useful surface off.

According to the first information, this light would also be seen this month, although it seems that it is too authentic. We know in a few days.

LG and ZTE

LG and ZTE are similar companies that are among them to develop their own folding devices, whether or not phones are. Everything shows that we see them at any time in the coming months, but the information is not far beyond the unrelated fact.

It is easy to think of other actors that rise to this situation as the months will be; going, one of the technologies that promotes the attention of consumers, although commercial democratization is still far away.

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