Folklore: England China Genome Taboo – Gus Prevention HIV


In China, there seems to have been a couple born, genetic material was changed by using chine chips to what it should be; children to be HIV protection. This is a & # 39; first intervention in human crops.

According to the AP news agency It is Jiankui from the University of Southern China Science and Technology in Shenzhen In artificial insects in the germanic cells the site will enter the input molecule; removal, through which HI viruses can cause the disease to be cleared. a & # 39; So ultimate genetic change and he would be fighting for the two twin sisters wellbeing to be. It is especially here that the headquarters are well-established: genetically-designed genetics have been realized but not delivered to "contaminate" to keep human genres as long as # 39; the technology is still explored.

Indeed, the genius (human) can be used more easily comparable to working in a large factory that is not fully built and active. Although the installers know what the line is going to do and wherever it happens, whether it's a? divide the way or connect to another line, it is not known.

The effects of genetic engineering for the future of humanity are hard to predict – both negative and positive. The ethical conversations have been involved in a series of possibilities that have been protected for many years for many years. As a result of "animal dolphin" ("dolly"), China is now in a position; Promoting development in human genetics and creating truths.

According to He Jiankui, the two daughters are healthy. The gene scissors have worked completely with a sister, but with her incomplete couple sister.

Germany also works for a common purpose for HIV treatment

Research from 2005 Scientist at Heinrich Pette Institute in Hamburg also has a renewable way to cut "HI" virus with a mole molecular scissors from the body. This is already working on mice. The difference that is currently emerging in the habit of humans, the change of Hamburg scientists there are no cell cells and work in the organism that is already proven on individual cell gorms, Estate has not been made possible and people also change the gene to die.

Our report on the Geneva bin scissors

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