Follow its expansion strategy by establishing the Helmiyet El Zaytoun branch in Cairo


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Continue the expansion strategy by adding the Helmiyet Al Zaytoon machine in Cairo, launch the Saouris site, on Sunday 18 November 2018.

The company has continued the expansion strategy in the Arab Republic of Egypt, in line with its internal and external expansion plans and the development of its branches, Abdul Aziz Al Othaim , Chief Executive and Board Member of the Abdullah Al Othaim Markets Company, added that his & The largest Egyptian machine company in Egypt, which is a 45-level Egyptian level, where the company's suppliers and staff and a large collection of Abdullah Al-Othaim users' markets opened , says that the extension of its & # 39; expanding policy As well as developing the branches that grow; already within a strategy framework based on user confidence gained and strengthened over recent years and to meet the growing demand of customers' users to meet the different needs of consumer shoppers and food products, And their continuing commitment to providing special and innovative contributions to many things that meet the needs and needs of the family at the lowest prices and best suited for all sections of society, adding to the top of the pyramid of customer satisfaction and development priorities The new branch on Ain Shams Street benefits in Helmiyet El Zaytoun in Cairo. It is located on an area of ​​450 square meters. It is equipped with the latest technologies and equipment. It has qualified staff and specialist staff to provide the best services to customers. The opening program offers hundreds of items as well as the special features of customers who have a loyalty loyal card. Margaid Abdullah Al Othaim is a offers a free subscription to the construction program for all indoor and external users through sales points in each branch or by Registering the Abdullah Al Othaim markets website or by sending it to – Abdullah Al Othaim Markets and smart smartphones, to benefit from the real brands and special offers offered to the shop. Click here to read the stories from its source.

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