Following a letter from the Amazon leader: "Enquirer" declines declining


Amazon was boss on Bezos who sent the "Enquirer" for his personal purchase blackmail. Now the lawyer of the double page is assigned: It is not an offense to tell someone to tell the truth.

The publisher of the "National Enquirer" is scheduled to prevent crime in connection with the production of close-up images of Jeff Bezos, Amazon chief. The newspaper was guilty of friends or enforcements, claimed Elkan Abramowitz. He is represented by the Chief of Media Press Inc., David Pecker.

Bezos had been complaining to Pecker that he was behind a black attempt. In an open letter, the Amazon leader said media housing lawyers had been threatening to show interesting pictures about his business with an old television producer if he did not complete his research by his private researcher how the board received text messages between himself and her. In addition, Bezos's American media wanted clarification that a newspaper report was not encouraged or affected.

"It's not a crime completely …"

Pecker is thought to be supporter of US President Donald Trump. Trump, then, attacked Bezos once and for a critical coverage of his Washington Post newspaper.

In the case in the meantime the office of the public prosecutor will; confirmation. Attorney Abramowitz ABC, who did not worry about this investigation, said. It was a conversation; in the media-media conversations and Bezos. "It's not an offense to ask someone to tell the truth, telling the truth that he was not politically encouraged and we did not print more stories."

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