Following Conor McGregor for Breaking Robbery and Stealing Phone Phone!


Conor McGregor

Arrested for a Conflict

For Briseadh and Stealing Phone Fan!


5:16 PM PT – Conor lawyers are reporting arrests.

Last night, Conor McGregor was involved in a small overdraft crisis over a phone call;

Conor McGregor He was arrested again … this time for a phone breaker outside the Fontainebleau Hotel in Miami Beach.

According to the police report, they have found it TMZ SportAt around 5 o'clock on the Monday, the phone owner walked out of the hotel at the same time as Conor and as the designer tried to take a photo, Conor broke out. a victim's phone out of his hand, causing him to fall into the ground. It is then said that one of the noblemen has appeared on the phone several times, destroying it.

According to copy, McGregor took the phone and walked with him.

The event appears to have been captured on surveillance video.

It has been suspended for robust robberies and hands and a criminal offense of more than $ 1,000. He is currently running for $ 12,500 securities.

It is not clear why Conor was outside the hotel at 5:00 AM, but he and the supporter seem to have left an LIV night club, which is inside the house. . LIV closes at 5:00 am.

It is possible that Conor returned to the Miami home where he lived. The accused subsequently submitted a report to the police. Telephones were sent to Chonor's home and they were arrested immediately before 6 PM ET.

he is They lived in South Florida over the last few days with the friend, Dee Devlin, and their son, Conor Jr, along with other members of his family. Conor and his family were in Miami to celebrate his mother's birthday. He had let the Versace platform out for rent.

Whatever happens in this case, Conor has drawn him with a bullet just days. TMZ's sport broke the story – just Conor He completed his probationary period in the lion attack case. He completed 5 days of community service at churches in Brooklyn and finished an anger management class. If he had broken a breaking process, it is almost sure that it would almost take a long time behind bars and remove.

First published – 4:27 PM PT

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