Following the parallel elections, Jankovic will win in the first round, in Maribor uncertainly


The co-shining parallel elections, prepared by Dnevnik le Ninamedia, are aiming for a reliable re-election of the Prime Minister Zoran Jankovic in the first round. That is, 58.3% of the votes cast, while his first fan, Anže Logar, is just over 30 per cent. The Zoran Jankovic list is expected to be 43.2 per cent. In the Municipality of Maribor, where 18 applicants can break records for their & # 39; city, today's election results are unsure.

Photo Zoran Jankovic: Bor Slana
Photo Zoran Jankovic: Bor Slana

> For those who prefer them, the previous seaman Franc Kangler (NLS), entrepreneur Саша Арсенович (SMC) and parliamentary candidate Lidija Divjak Mirnik and the current High School Andrej Fištravec, which submitted applications with citizens' names.

Fištravec, who is with the closest partners and his supporters, monitors the counting of the constituency's votes in the Trg svobode, proves that he is in the second round and the then re-selected for a & # 39; seaman. He took a county of sixteen years ago when Kangler was forced to retire after campaigns in the middle of the order.

Kangler has an optional headquarters on Gosposka Street. Among other things, is the support of a former radio journalist Breda Čepe, who was a leader of Drava Power Plants Maribor (DEM) William Pozeb, an old postman Milan Mikl and representatives from SDS, SLS and NHS support agencies.

The most recent public opinion review by Večer was to evaluate; First of all, and politician Arsenovič, who is a major candidate at SMC, was given second. Like Kangler, he has a election office on Gosposka Street, where he has gathered his team. There are architects, among others Grigor Reichenberg, a traffic engineer Only Peter Bear, director Ivan Lorencic and cultural worker Zora A. JuričSouth Westerly

The best woman named after his / her Headteacher's applications Lidija Divjak Mirnik The application was registered with citizens' names, supported by LMŠ, the ClìnD and Local Justice and Development (LPR). Expecting the results in the Laid Festival Hall, as well as the supporters and the applicants for their list for Advice. Bhaile, Former President of the National Assembly Tina HeferleSouth Westerly

There are 26 papers for places in Maribor Town Council, and there are 18 candidates for Maribor's masters.

In addition to Fištravec and Divjak Mirnikova, a large number of citizen names were registered Melita PetelinSouth-West With support from the parties, Kangler and Arsenovich also run as candidates Alenka Iskra (SD), Zdravko Luketič (NSi), Uros Prikl (Desus), Vlado Sega (Levica), Josip Rotar (List of riders and walkers), Aleksander Kamenik (Aleksandra Kamenika Party), Zdenko Vinkov (Slovenian nation party), Borut Ambrožič (Equality party and development between generations), Igor Domanjko (List of Bojan Požar journalists), Matic Matjašič (List of young people, we'll connect), Igor Jurišič (Youth Party – European Green), Rok Zalar (Greens of Slovenia) and held Andrej Šiško (United States Movement).

At the election four years ago, Fistravec and Kangler were ranked in the second tour for a hometown. The first time was won with great benefit, with 75 percent of the vote; come with the votes. With strong strength, its list of candidates has won its home advice by going to; win 17 out of 45 seats. The second agreement was agreed with the SMC by six town councilors, and then with SDS with five Kangler, Župan four and SD three-set list.

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