Following the Tearful Provider Reporting Report Who Holds On The Feast Festival, Thousands of thousands to help


It had been near two years since the famous Fyre show on the Bahamas – and although people are still recovering from the financial and legal damage of the spectacular event, Netflix's journalism has helped with pain largest ones;

Fèis Fìre first aims to be an ultra-independent music festival for high rollers and millennium moguls on the Bahamian island. Due to poor planning and careless organization by Billy McFarland, who is 27 years old, now, the event was a complete failure.

When the festival was overcoming the & # 39; festival and promising the guests who were in attendance; taking part in fiddling towns and 5-star provision, the people who had been tidy up were always caught on the island with full boobs, hard food, and a shortage of small houses.

McFarland is currently attending a 6-year sentence for a degree of fraud due to the fact that he has been investing by investors; scaming out of $ 27 million. In addition, he tried to pay hundreds of Bahamians after they had been working day-to-day to organize the festival.

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Earlier this month, Netflix released a Féile Festival documentary in which they interviewed Maryann Rolle, a Bahamian owner of Point Point Exuma Center.

Although not scheduled as the original supplier for the festival, Rolle finished being a harsh hero for the people present and the organizers after her and her husband's day and night to give more than 1,000 food during the event.

In the film, Rolle tells her how she paid the $ 50,000 she had paid for her contribution to the festival. In addition, she spent all her $ 50,000 of life savings to help pay her Bahamian staff.

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"It was left in a big hole!" Rolle. "My life has changed forever, and my belief was destroyed by Fyre Fest."

Now, if you do not look at the documentary, Rolle's interview is easy to play the most part; at the heart of the film – but thankfully, it has been successful to attract attention to her.

Over the past two weeks since the statement statement, GoFundMe's page for raising the Rolles over $ 200,000 in donations.

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Although the campaign has been building almost as much Rolle's organizing the Fiddle, she expects to go to; share all additional funds with her Bahiary who suffered from the event, especially those who still have to pay money.

"I'm going to help the people who work with the festival as big as I can here, and then other islands, I'll give them," said Rolle CBS News. "He is pleased to understand that the world is in my care and I will give it all and allow everyone to enjoy it. Perhaps that is my best thing at this time. "

(TheTHAT the video below) – Picture by Maryann Rolle

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