Following V.Mazuron, and P.Austrevičius didn't collect names: a party doesn't feel guilty


Austrevicius will not respond to the phone after failure. The names could not be collected, he recognized it on Facebook.

"Quickly, the CEC will return the completed collection sheets – so much so that we have collected so much, but at the same time regretting that there was so little bad solution," he wrote.

Austrevicius, who intends to take part in the European Parliament elections, thanked everyone who supported their idea for European Lithuania and said: "We will not stop the work, we will continue We will continue our tour of Lithuania and we will continue! "

E. Gentvilas: The party did not co-ordinate the collection of names

According to the President Austrevich failed to collect the names and fall from a fight in the president's election, E. Gentvilas said that there was no signature on signatures at the headquarters. candidate.

"I know that his head has not co-ordinated this thing. So yesterday we asked how many signatures are needed, 5 miles says." If you are so big that it has to be transported, last night, between 4 and 8000. to be, "Thursday evening." 15mion politicians said.

15m statue / Eugenijus Gentvilas and Petras Auštrevičius

15m statue / Eugenijus Gentvilas and Petras Auštrevičius

According to the song, the party has attempted to collect names.

“We've put people in groups. And today at 8m the number of electronic names has risen 700. It was possible, but when we are told that everything is right and not. have no desire to help … We've given full support, Gentvilas said. – There are problems with collecting names, Peter said on Saturday yesterday we asked how, he said, well. it will be 4 to 8 miles. [parašų].

There are problems with collecting names, Peter said on Saturday.

Guilty to get back

When asked if he was unfortunate that a selection of the Liberal president had passed, E. Gentvilas stated that it was not necessary.

“I thought we decided to make the candidate an early president. This was carried out on the 14th of April last year. I hoped that there would be an active election campaign and that we would be a advocate for positive things. Unfortunately, it took too long, ”said the Liberal president.

He confirmed that a positive message from Mr Austrevicius would give more news about the corruption and suspicion of the party.

'It needed to be well balanced and not. These things are also unfortunate. Well, of course, it's unfortunate that this is happening, ”said Gentvilas.

Asking whether Mr Austrevicius was a candidate standing up to his expectations of distributing these dramatic or Liberal ideas, the Liberal initially said he would not comment on it, but then he said: " I remember our thoughts have always gone down Well, well, in October, his talk by E.Jakilaitis reveals why the competition is due or not. – It was said that we cannot celebrate Christmas in October. I have always looked different. '

However, E. Gentvilas believed that he did not want to reduce the work of P. Auštrevičius.

It fails.

"Everything is fine. It's time for failure. But I think the lack of teamwork or volunteering ran out," he said.

The money was promised two weeks later

Indeed, Mr Austrevicius took part in the general election campaign, without party support. According to the data from the first Electoral Commission (CEC), Mr Austrevicius had collected more than 4.6 people. victims of the euro. Of the 2.6 miles. The applicant was nominated by the candidate for the election campaign.

The party did not show and did not move one euro to its candidate before they collected religious signatures.

how come 15mion E. Gentvilas told the party, and the party planned to move money to the campaign in April 15th.

Image by Vidmantas Balkūnas / 15min / Petras Auštrevičius

Image by Vidmantas Balkūnas / 15min / Petras Auštrevičius

“He was appointed by the Board of Directors on 30 miles. but we will move that money on 15 April when we shall receive the spring grant, ”he said on Wednesday. t

Thursday, he said he would not be supported – Mr Austrevic could not make his mark on signaling.

President's election – just warm up?

Speaking to him 15mion On Wednesday, Gentvilas did not assess the preferences of Mr Austrevicius in his election of the president, but set out his vision for a single mandate for European Parliament elections (EP). P.Auštrevičius also says the first number here.

“I think our opportunities are good. Uniquely listed town elections, for example in county centers such as Marijampolė no Utena, t we received 6% of voters' votes. In total, 12 parishes did not list candidates. Now all the vote in Lithuania [EP rinkimuose], I think we are 8, and 9 per cent. we get. We also get more in Vilnius, Klaipėda or Kaunas in the city elections, where the committees took over most of the votes, ”said E. Gentvilas, who was expecting the party to win one commandment. the EP elections.

Photograph of Julius Kalinskas / 15min / debate from the Liberal mobile Council

Photograph of Julius Kalinskas / 15min / debate from the Liberal mobile Council

On the other hand, when a Member of the Semester was elected in a single member Zanavykai constituency last autumn, the Liberal movement had the same problem of gathering names.

Harold Glauzer, who built the party, then accepted that he did not have a thousand signatures.

S "True" values ​​in the elections

Speaking on Wednesday, Mr Austrevic said he was "a genuine truth" in his election as president and confirmed that his primary aim was to engage in public debate.

"My main role in public debate and representation is the Liberal politics, principles of open society and human rights," said Austrevicius, who explained that it was important to limit some of the people who wish to restrict it. to restrict them to society, inaccessible society, a shower economic models ”.

Mr Austrevicius, who is currently working in the European Parliament for the Liberal Democrats and Democrats' Organization for Europe (ALDE), said on Wednesday he would continue the fight for "a unified European Union". T Strongly as it always was.

I hope the voter of Lithuania who has already benefited from EU membership.

“I hope that the Liberal voter, who has been reaping the benefits of EU membership, will bring the benefits of voluntary movement, increased economic opportunities, and the appreciation of the EU. Supporters of this measure. I hope that people are very practical, seeing the empty promises and the commitments that make them, ”he said.

Having recognized that public committees are involved in these EP elections, there are also Eurosceptic views, Mr Austrevičius said the committees were not a risk, in contrast, there is an interesting debate ahead.

"We will have clear camps – for and against. I seem to be in a Lithuanian political campaign during the European Parliament elections that these poles have never been put to sleep. We seem to hear us. T And you can believe that I will be speaking about a strong, unified membership of the Union of Lithuania, ”said MEP.

My main role is in public debate.

Liberal Movement In 2019, the ongoing elections in Lithuania include suspicions of bullying, trade and abuse in the corruption of Baltic and political MG. The party does not agree.

Image by Luke April / 15min / Eugene Gentvilas

Image by Luke April / 15min / Eugene Gentvilas

It is against this that, according to E. Gentvilas, members of the Liberal movement are withdrawing: at the end of 2017, there were 8066, at the end of 2018 – 7407.

“Some people came out with committees. The membership of these people was stopped. After citing their membership, they are still in a list of parties, but some have suddenly turned up The party, formed by R.Simysius and A.ArmonaitėAnd they left the party, ”said the party's president.

Active members – about 3 miles. T

He said the "fulfillment" happened and had gone. And now the situation has been stable, there are some who want to take part.

"Last week there were four new announcements in Vilnius," said Gentvilas.

"We have fewer than 7,000 active members. I'd like to have a dash at 3,000 – the ones that take part in activities that accompany them in Lithuania, preparing sector meetings, ”said Mr Auštrevičius.

In his opinion the member's party collapsed because of the uncertainty surrounding the “revival” of the Liberal movement.

“What format should it take, it can be debated, but that delayed the party's new faces, the new leadership break down members,” said the politicians.

Image by Sigismund Gedvila / 15min / Eugene Gentvilas

Image by Sigismund Gedvila / 15min / Eugene Gentvilas

P.Auštrevičius may, according to P.Auštrevičius, be allowed to invite new members of the Liberal Movement and to seek the new leader of the organization by refreshing the leadership, reviewing the program, and its procedures.

A year without loans. T

“It's not for this, not for the members. This is needed by Lithuanian voters who trust and expect to represent their views. “We should listen, shake, and take the necessary steps to remove the Liberal voter,” said the MEP.

According to the author, the new president's election has been drawn up in the summer or early autumn.

The CEC's Liberal Democratic Report states that the party has no long-term responsibilities for credit institutions at the end of 2018. It is a short-term commitment – of more than 16 miles.

I had to tighten the belts.

“Our loans from banks and credit companies are not fast-tracked. We never borrowed. I had to get the crows on, still in a position there In autumn 2017, the budget allocation was reinstated"Gentvilas talked about the party's finances and said the money available would be given to the elections, and then they would try to live to the autumn."

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