Fonasa and Public Health Secretariat who protest against 13 troubled doctors – National


Fonasa and Public Health Secretariat who protest against 13 troubled doctors

Authorities introduced a legal claim for the imposition of sanctions against health professionals to provide medical licenses, Costs cost to the State of more than 9,000 million pesos. Tvn


During this Friday morning, Public Health Lieutenant, Dr. Paula Daza, and National Director of the National Health Fund (Fonasa), Marcelo Mosso, complained in the Courts in against 13 doctors for his badly irregularity when he / she gives a number of medical permissions that he / she does; escape from the normalist of the medical activity.

Sub-Director of Public Health, through the National Co-ordination Department (COMPIN), and Fonasa continued the number of medical permissions issued in October 2017 and November 2018, which suspected suspicious action on 13 doctors, who is issued, from 3,410 permissions – each doctor, including a number of them, and 5,734. This suspects to have a & # 39; an annual average of the 41,000 doctors assigned from 100 to 200 permissions year

The total amount paid for these licenses, delivered by 13 doctors, in the last year Over 9,000 million pesos.

For Dr. Paula Daza, "This complaint seems to be very important for the courts to investigate the circumstances of these doctors, as we talk about the misuse of public funds, resources that belong to everyone, Fonasa and the most vulnerable people. It is important that this complaint continues its course and if it is necessary to work with the highest penalties in accordance with the law. "

The defenders are largely from the Ph.D. Department and departments (Rancagua, Viña del Mar, Coquimbo, Antofagasta, Puerto Montt). There are 9 people and 4 women. The objections to courtesy were displayed in the towns where these doctors live.


  • Of the 13 doctors, there are 1 expert and 12 surgeons.

  • Out of the group, COMPIN controls already have eight of the people needed to go to; Using the instrument was inappropriate and some were included in objections made by the authority between 2016 and 2017.

  • The total number of permissions that these 13 doctors deliver 53,638, with an average of 4,100 licenses per doctor, and with the sole specialist of his / her; maximum of the 5,600 licenses.

  • In terms of sanctions, doctors are open to penalty from 61 days to 3 years in prison, and 50 to 500 UTM of heads. If it is offset, it will increase up to 5 years in the jail and up to 750 UTM of heads.

  • Along with the complaint, the information was given to the Social Security Directorate, so that, according to the law of 20,585 (using and issuing medical permits) , investigate and punish professionals who are misused.


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