Food developments to avoid in the case of diabetes, asthma, pregnancy


ANSES announced new proposals on Friday on Friday when all food drinks that are expected to slow up complementary pain are being treated.

Diabetics, asthmatics, pregnant women and some hearts must prevent food products based on glucosamine or chondroitin sulfate which are recommended on Friday, March 29, the health safety group (ANSES) referring t a “risk” for their health. In France, these food products, which are presented as giving relief for complementary pain (osteoarthritis, rheumatism …) "have an important role in writing ANSES.

These charges, in addition to those applying for the maintenance of normal grace or flexibility, are not reinforced or admitted to the boxes of food developments, weighing emphasis. of Aymeric Dopter, of ANSES. Adverse effects – air damage, litigation and skin diseases such as boots, itching, purpuras (hair flags of the skin) – which may be linked to the use of these products by the ANSES "tolerance" search tool, have been adversely affected. who have looked into the matter.

It is discouraging some areas of the population from using these materials in which these materials are often associated. These are diabetic or pre-diabetic people, who are treated by anticoagulants anti-vitamin K (in all cases due to glocusamine), destroying the horn and allergies to marine wars or insects (glucosamine). T is taken from a shell shell).

These developments are not recommended for people who need to track the sodium content such as heart failure or potassium or calcium as these can be an important source. Women and children who are pregnant or are not giving birth should not bring it, as there is insufficient data about the safety of these products.

This proposal is to avoid these food developments on glucosamine and / or chondroitin sulfate associated with a large number of millions of people. Generally speaking, the group recommends that you speak to your doctor that you are interested in taking materials and, in any case, stopping it if you go anywhere. . ANSES is recommended “That those involved will take these steps to better inform users about the risks associated with the consumption of these food developments with these special numbers”..

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