Food drinks that raise the diabetes' s disease risk


Results and other foods that are rich in anti-spice on the glucose levels of blood do not appear to have an adverse effect; However, sugar drinks and some other foods that can add energy & # 39; A low animal, with people dying badly.

"These findings can help with refractive food tips for fructose for diabetes prevention and diabetes treatment," said John Sievenpiper, the principal author of the Inspector and Clinical Nutritionist at St. Michael in Toronto, Canada. .

The role of diabetes in the development of diabetes and heart disease causes extensive debate and there is more evidence that fructose may be particularly harmful to health.


Fluorine is made naturally in a variety of foods – raw fruit and vegetables, natural fruit juice and honey.

It is also added to food, such as soft drinks, grain grilled, processed materials, sweets and sweets that we use as & # 39; free sugar & # 39 ;.

Daily guides suggest that free sweets can be reduced, especially in fructose in milk drinks, but it is not clear for the sugar supplies of those sugar.

The researchers surveyed the results of inspections that have evaluated the impact of different foodstuffs of fructose sugars on blood glucose levels in people with and without the symptoms of diabetes that have been inspected for 12 weeks.

And the results show that there is no & # 39; Most foods in which fructose sugars are adversely affected by blood glucose levels when these foods do not provide more calories.

Dona in nutrition

When a special diet was inspected, it was noted that fruit and juice of fruit when these foods can not give more calories to the beneficial effects of blood glucose and insulin control, especially in People with diabetes, although foods that appear to have a "poor nutrition" to the diet, especially sugar drinks and fruit juice appear to have an adverse effect on foods.

The researchers come to a decision: "For more information, health professionals should be aware that the cumulative effects of fructose sugars on the gluck-blood seem to be the energy source and food. "

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