Food eating and drinking night, a staggering male in the crowd, dragging a & # 39; button and filtering milk Apple Daily


Suddenly, a woman from Shenzhen, China, was tightly held by a strange man with a tall lusty body while staying late in the night with her family on Thursday (15th). Behind her, she was split. She has a jacket button in her & # 39; hitting the coffin. Later, the woman told the media that sionndrom stress stress (PTSD) was attacked after the woman attacked her breastfeeding. Now, from time to time, she will be damaged and sometimes her; crying in the corner in midnight.

The woman said she was digging with her family along the road. There was a stupid man; sitting close to her. After being aware of the headteacher, ask the other: "What do you want to do?" But the man did not answer, but instead she caught her feet. Then she got out and hit her upper body, and a button was pulled off her shirt. Later on, the man realized his mouth and nose with his hand, who once was depressed and unfortunate.

It can be seen from the survey screen that the person was standing by and looking at his & # 39; woman for a long time before he started. After that he was defeated by his commander and his family. A female family said that when the police were brought to the police station, a police officer said: "You are not just released," but the police did not reveal why the person was held before .

A woman who said that his wife could not settle down so far, and often she will not sleep in midnight, hiding in the corner and crying. When it is & # 39; trying to comfort his wife, his wife is inspired and tired. He also complained that the person who attacked the coffin had only been held for 10 days in administrative custody, and the headteacher helped him to do so; The sweet man saved 200 yuan to hit the person once and twice. (Mainland / Total Foreign Reports)

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