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The vessels enjoy young people as cocaine allegations, with spiritual skin skin, pork, bitter tamarind acid … many businesses are completely used.

Talk to her & # 39; food market, Mr Nguyen Ngoc An, General Director of the Vietnam Live Business (Vissan) Company has the potential. But in Vietnam, there are not many places to do; processing enough, and after examining the move, decide to & # 39; The company started the foodstuffs from chicken, pork, pig …

"Skin is full-fried pork, chicken cut with seaweed and lagoon best for young people." Newborns will bring good income to the company in the future, "said An.

Families who come together for living
Crude pork, one of their favorite dishes.

Also in this market, the First Saigon Divisional Stock Company has released more than 10 foodstuffs. There, there is a richly-sourced diet with daggers, raspberries, fried, acid, bitter, butchery … well sold.

Le Thi Thanh Lam, deputy general director of Saigon Food, said its retail products were sold at 7-tenth stores of facilities in Ho Chi Minh City, the same level. 48 hour weather shelf life, the company needs to select a new food, a hard test and must have close cooperation with distribution channels.

Even the mixed cake, there are 15 items in the product, but compared to the outside, Ms. Lam still contains some things like a dry black cow made from lung, cow … because these substances are not controlled by a safe food.

"In the future, we will investigate new product lines that respond to customers' taste to expand their bits," she said.

As a largest company in the range of hens' eggs, Ba Huan's Partial Stock Company is not out of the race when they launch a group of food foods such as spiritual circles, skewers, sausages, oatmeal.

Pham Thanh Hung, general deputy director of the company, said these bikes are new to the market but the sales are very good. Most of the products are sold in retail stores and in resource stores. In particular, they have chosen their best spiritual piping legs.

Introducing the foodstuffs earlier than the companies above, Vinh Thanh Dat, Divisional Stock Company, and # 39; The first time the type of eggs that were processed like eggs, eggs, eggs, … slowly spent.

By 2017, growth had to be done; This group will break up its company to be & # 39; invest in expanding its & # 39; plan to achieve it. In a long time, its company will have a & # 39; To develop more egg products boiled and sell more sales eggs for her & her; shop.

The latest research with market research shows that the average young people of Vietnam are experiencing; It costs 13,000 billion on a meal every month.

According to Euromonitor statistics, by the end of 2016, there are around 149,000 kiosks on the street, with a hut in mobile cars and lumps based on the front of the house with an income of 46,900 billion per annum.

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