There are dangers to climb for a canteen at a Thanksgiving show. Keep them safe by keeping them away for problems that may come.

When you relax with your guests, put yourself behind another wonderful Thanksgiving Fair, you hear an unconnected sound of bad news.

Flow into the kitchen, you can see a & # 39; your dog thrown over something very unhappy.

Nearby, the remains of the mineral leakage from rubbish rent. By adding two and two together, you will "yesterday".

But the accident may have been easy to avoid.

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Avoiding holiday rights

There are a number of things that you can do to make sure that the holiday time goes without any visit to the vet or bad stalks.

Most of the canine problems will be start at the end of the meal.

As the food is taken from the table and pumped in the kitchen, the most vulnerable are leaving free resources. The rich decoration of roasted oats, which will be filled with and & # 39; Excavation to proclaim to the old part of the brain; dogs who ask anything: Jobs.

Although the high standard feedings of the holidays cause disasters on stomach, bruise, diarrhea and worse in dogs, Turkish bones can make a big deal and which may be fatal, an American Training Medical Association is a warning.

Make sure you are securely to enclosure, not to show that it is out of reach just because it looks like it is out of reach. Dogs are both imaginative and based. (Consider "saving dogs" on YouTube.) Put a stone in a plastic bag and insert it in a brush bin that is shaped, and out.

If you find your dog cracking a bit of something; An independent turkey is the safest move I'll go to the surgeonThe West These narrow bones can cause your serious injury.

The same visibility is required for herring of stuff, sweet potatoes and other foods that are expected. Stop off her stomach and put the rubbish out before you return to your guests.

There may also be problems before and during the meal. The resurgence of the emergency is to food your dog because you're in a cool game.

A bit of a plain turkey is fine, but it will put it in the # 39; coin bowl so that you do not fool it. And make sure that the meat is free of puzzles that do not know the dog's refusal system.

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But Turkish skin is away from boundaries for canines, the AVMA says. Pancreatitis content can stimulate the high fat content, taken forward when the pancreas is struggling to identify the enzymes necessary to break food.

That means that all fat foods should be kept far from dogs.

If you want a dog to have a dog, prepare a little help of the giblets, which includes the gizzard, liver and heart. Its neck is from the limbs due to its bones.

Limbs come from boundaries too, particularly chocolate, which can be toxic. Although a large dog (50 inches or heavier) is very simple with two bites, smaller dogs (10 not) may be injured with units or two.

The dark is the chocolate, worse for dogs. Bakers and dark chocolate are much more complex than milk chocolate. White chocolate is very insecure, as your drunk would have to eat almost 5 pounds for every thing that needs to hit dangerous levels. If so, chocolate toxins have the least of your problems.

Most owners know that chocolate is bad for dogs, but & # 39; they may not know that Food that may be dangerous be on record of gratitude.

Grapes and raisins there is something (it is not yet marked) that could cause the damage to the hawks.

Hills content with high fat may cause cause, a & # 39; diarrhea and pancreatitis.

Salted shoes there may be too much thirst and angle. A dog who eats too much can suffer from sodium poisoning.

Garlic, corners and seeds to disturb the cannon's stomach.

Cats can also get adverse effects from eating food, and many of the things that cause an immune space can do the same as feline. Cats are also more likely to collapse on decorative plants, many of which can be poisonous. Look at the ASPCA list of potentially hazardous plants.

In most cases, to be burned and a & # 39; early age appears in early troublePost-Up Telephone ASPCA Animal Pest Control Center at 888-426-4435. It is answered 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. There may be a $ 65 consultation fee.

If your dog is quick or painful, your vet travel is highly recommended. Keep the name and phone number of the nearest emergency gutter.


There are dangers to climb for a canteen at a Thanksgiving show. Keep them safe by keeping them away for problems that may come.

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