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LONDON (REUTERS) – England returned to attack her; final of the UEFA League of Nations when Harry Kane and Jesse Lingard visited the late goals in the 2-1 victory over Croatia, which was discharged from the A4 after Wembley's defeat on Sunday (November 18) .

England was ahead of them when Andrej Kramaric was in Croatia after 57 minutes but he replaced Lingard and Kane in Wembley's 77th and 85th minute with us to turn his body on his head.

The side of Gareth Southgate, which was demolished in the World Cup final with Croatia in July, heavily influenced large times but went back when Kramaric collapsed and turned off before he fell by Eric Dier's conviction.

But Lingard went home and Kane put out a free Ben Chilwell envelope to ensure that England finished on top of the group where the three teams – including Spain that started the day above but end either – have been awarded a certificate.

England, who went on to the finals in Portugal in June, was prepared by seven points, one ahead of Spain and three out of Croatia, which was dropped to the second h-level.

England made eight changes from the United States hit in a relationship on Thursday, without any place in Lingard, Trent, Alexander-Arnold and Callum Wilson.

At the same time, Croatia had been the player of Ivan Rakitic, and when he left the visitors he lost a gold chance when Ante Rebic was shot by the English guardian , Jordan Pickford, particularly open after two minutes.

When England started to have a big impact, Kane's ball released Raheem Sterling free, just for Manchester City. burned directly by a conservator of Croatia, Lovre Kalinic, as long as Kane was a Excavating the corner that went over the & # 39; car cross.

Croatia fans enjoyed the & # 39; Most of the 78,000 people, but were fortunate not to see their side when Kane was first refused to defend Tin Jedvaj and then Kalinic with his visitors; strive to take a English attack.

Ross Barkley moved to the nipple shortly before half-time, but after breaking up Kramaric was well covered before putting his target first target.

England included Dele Alli, Jadon Sancho and Lingard after their visit and their energy was vital with Lingard, home-built in the 77 minutes.

Both sides were dangerous in 15 minutes full of bloody blood but Wembley was in a position; surrender, Kane was constantly waiting to slip in the Chilwell free beat and England's progress seal.

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