Jim Harbaugh is making a 31-20 benchmark on Michigan's Indiana beat, saying Wolverines has been in play mode. Scheduled November 17, 2018.
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It was not perfect. Far from beautiful. Sometimes it was dirty.

But Michigan football is now out of 10.

And next week, at the Ohio Stadium, the Wolverines will play for everything.

"Go ahead to the next game. Go to the big game. Go ahead to the competition match," said Jim Harbaugh of Michigan, Saturday night. "On."

Michigan was fighting through croft attacks and a few Saturday defense attacks, but still got 250 yards and a touchdown from Shea Patterson and a six-part program schedule from Jake Moody who had been arrested. attending the stage won 31-20 on a Indiana trip.

The winning victory will take Michigan to 10-1 and 8-0 in the play of Big Ten. The next week of the Ohio State Competition (10-1, 7-1) won a & # 39; bringing the Wolverines Big Ten East a very good play for her & the first time and he will add the Wolverines into the league-hit game on December 1 in Indianapolis.

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Harbaugh's B & B; in Michigan's first Michigan coach from Fielding H. Yost to win double games in three of his first four seasons that led him to her; program.

Josh Uche will fight against Cronk Indiana in the second half. (Photograph: F. Coiremon F. Dozier, Detroit Free Press)

The benefit of Saturday may have costed, however, as a high defensive defender Chase Winovich left the game in the second half after suffering a wound up. Harbaugh later said that all the X-rays and CAT strains granted to Winovich, at the stadium and hospital, were returned negatively. Harbaugh did not know his status for the next week immediately after his game.

Also, keep behind her & # 39; ran back Berkley Edwards was removed from his field on a lawyer after he had been able to go. affecting his head above in the fourth season. Edwards suffered a disagreement, although Harbaugh said that everything else was looking good – as he had been in a position; He felt his arm and legs and he was aware.

"The situation with my brother Berkley Edwards did not work well on my own or to anyone else, that was unfortunate and I did not harm the team," said Karan Higdon, who was badly run for 101 yards and score. "(He was) sure (cheap free). He was not asked. It's a football, so things that happen should only be a # 39 ; do. They just have to continue playing. "


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In terms of his game, Michigan made up more than 500 yards of Saturday total crime but his & her; He finally stopped in the & # 39; red belt too often.

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Moody, who first received Quinn Nordin, spirit. But six movements of eight or more plays on the offender went to a visiting game.

Michigan was also playing behind for her; the first time in more than a month of Saturday when he was running back. Stevie Scott made 7-3 a wind run in the first quarter. Michigan was ahead of the second after two additional Moody range ranges and a 41-yard detection with Nick Eubanks, but the Hoosiers responded to a fast drive that ended with a 7-foot touchdown strike from Peyton Ramsey to Fryfogle House to make it 17 -15.

The whole of Michigan went to the two-yard garden in the final minute of the second season, but stopped a short-term situation to end their half. After deleting to & # 39; First down without work-time and less than 30 seconds left, try the Wolverines to run a picture quickly rather than spy on it; dance. Sean McKeon was faced close to the side and did not; The officer can see the ball before the clock disappeared, and # 39; leaving Michigan zero.

Jim Harbaugh on the line during the second half against Indiana. (Photograph: F. Coiremon F. Dozier, Detroit Free Press)

Harbaugh followed her to be the Indiana player. in to break a & # 39; wall before spot, & accidentally.

"I asked" Did he put the ball up? "and a reply from the referee, & # 39; It did not mean. & It does not appear to be a critical hearing. The ball was shot by one of the players they did not, or not, in my opinion, "said Harbaugh. "But answering me. If he expected, perhaps (it would be different)."

The Michigan defense was delivered, which gave up 38 high-speed rods, with a quick trim after they drove before Wolverines moved from a 67-yard bridge surrounded by Higdon's two-haired score ear . The Wolverines would not look again.

Michigan's habits have been running long drivers with touchdowns to & # 39; Come in again on Saturday, although the Wolverines can be & # 39; grind him, thank Moody.

"In football, everything is not going on your way. We have had a bad impact," said Patterson. "We had a lot of long drives, we did not finish some. But (Moody) to get in and finish us, that was good to see.

"I think that many of the best things are to be taken out of this."

The next game is usually the largest.

Ohio State has been developed to 10-1 on Saturday with a 52-51 premature terrorist at Maryland. The Buckeyes has won 13 of the 14 final meetings between these two schools, which lasted the six hours. Michigan has not won a football match in Columbus since 2000.

Despite this, the Wolverines have a & # 39; controlling their own position in terms of Big Ten warfare and a potential playoff bid.

And, at the moment, they do not say anything else.

"It's a different game and we'll ensure we deal with our business," said Higdon. "They still have to play on Saturday. There was nothing that happened in the past at this stage."

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Free Orion Sang's journalists, Nick Baumgardner, Shawn Windsor talk about winning U-M over Indiana, and # 39; giving their first ideas on the OSU game, November 17, 2018.
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