Football is always in England: the main games to be played on 1 January Soccer


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Premier League

The parties at the end of the year are living around her; planet and eyes are specially placed on the shows, either alone or with them.

In fact, being totally honest and far away from the guests and receptions, these challenges are challenging & small for football fans regularly: the scene that is recorded in the # 39; Most of the world professional fills, deny the most fun sport.

But he is always in a country who is willing to set out & # 39; first day of the year. It is about it England, who has the competitions hosted and played. giving games so the day gets more entertained.

In this way, the English Premier League was broadcast three matches for this Tuesday day. In the first place, Everton Leicester receives from 09:30 hrs of our country (on ESPN television), as long as it is 12:00 a.m. played as one of the traditional duellies in London, when Fulham's hostess is Arsenal (with DirecTV). Finally, her first day is & # 39; including a game between Cardiff and Tottenham (2:30 pm, ESPN).

Help part of Chilean fans, the Leeds by Marcelo Bielsa visitors Distribution with the second English division, from 12:00 o'clock (ESPN).

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