Football match: "The last joy of Pablo Escobar"


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B & B on September 3, 1993 and gave her a table: a cake and six bottles of Don Perignon. Gu Tata, Victoria Eugenia HenaoShe was astonished at her. I did not expect to be able to mark her birthday. They were hiding in one of these shelves Pablo Emilio Escobar Gaviria He had his blue house in Medellin, and the privatories were comparable to the days of domestic glory. But her husband, the most dangerous in the world, had been delighted with his wife in such a difficult way.

Despite the fundamental efforts to do so; Such an attack was needed, face Escobar He did not change it. He wanted to see his Tata happy, but all that was in her house was very tough and disappointing. always married, two children –Juan Pablo and Manuela– and the few guardians who gave their lives to El Patron.

The demolition that was cleared by traffic, cocaine, balloons and bombs were left back. Closed, Escobar He sent letters to his queries to try to save his family. I wanted to get an agreement to keep them alive. I knew if everyone stayed there, in the blue house, a squadron of the death of Pepes (damaged by Pablo Escobar) not a Colombian government, to kill them all.

Pablo Escobar Gaviria with his daughter Manuela (Victoria Eugenia Henao, the published house of Planeta)
Then I thought Escobar when on 5 September he sat down in front of the television with the rest of guardians and relatives. "Two days later (from the birth date) we would have the last moment of happiness on the last part of our lives", remember Hainaut in my book My Life and My Prison Pablo Escobar.

He talked about anything less than a football match. One historian: that's where the Colombian Election started Argentina with 5 to 0. The happiness he tells about it Henao "because of football, sports that are very little lullaby, although I need to confess my sympathy for Deportivo Independiente Medellin".

"It was a memorable day since this may have been the last time I saw Pablo happy." That evening on 5 September 1993, the Colombian National Team invaded Argentina 0-5 in the final phase of their certification to the World Cup in the United States. One that would be played the following year, was a little time of happiness; in which we celebrated and listened to the aims of Tino Asprilla, Freddy Rincon and (Adolfo) Valencia Train "(Faustino)write a widow Escobar

Carlos Valderrama, the crew and symbol of Colombia's team is celebrated in Buenos Aires, won the Argentine team from 5 to 0. The last happiness in the life of Pablo Escobar (AP)
Hainaut to remember its & # 39; That moment allowed a little while – 90 minutes to be specific – the headquarters of Medellín Postcard could escape from his trauma.

"Those about nine minutes found that Pablo forgot the amazing situation we were living there. It was really important, but it's worth it." The celebration and impact of the effects of Colombia lasted several days and died; The blue house television room of the blue house was the meeting place of that time. so special "he said Hainaut.

That day one of the last ones would cost the family together. Three days later, Escobar We would receive a letter that would "sing the future" of the close revenge of the drug lord. "On Saturday, September 18, when Pablo read a letter carefully and suddenly stood up, he came in and asked us to talk and talk to one of the rooms on the second floor only ".

At that time, Escobar I would "order" Tata they should abandon them. He had escaped out of the country and started a new life away from him. Hainaut He complained, telling him he would prefer to & # 39; dying there with him and his children left alone. But the capo gave no other conversation and told him that he was the only opportunity; them Juan Pablo and Manuela to stay And she should protect her.

Finally, both are divided. The farewell was full. Escobar He was frightened. He cried in front of his children as he never saw him. The dedication to the benefit of the National Team of Colombia was over. Hit realdh again in life.

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