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Make a great deal on the choice of strikers for January

We will begin with reports about Real Madrid. The club is short on the goals that Cristiano Ronaldo continues in the summer and they say they are making a shorter move for a more experienced player to cover them until the summer. Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Radamel Falcao are the two players that are being considered. Ibrahimovic would be cheaper than Falcao because its contract with the LA Galaxy has been terminated technically.

A paper view: On one hand it looks very unusual, it's hard to imagine that one of those players is going to do it; believed at Bernabeu in January. Then remember that this is a club that will name Julien Faubert, Thomas Gravesen and Emmanuel Adebayor to have their history. If you think about it a long time you can be influenced by yourself. Ibrahimovic a & # 39; makes sense of his personality, cost, and not just leaving Barcelona in good words …

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Arnautovic coy air rumors

We are now moving from one mercurial strike to another, Marko Arnautovic. Austria has been tied long ago with moving away from West Ham but during the summer he stayed. During the international fight he was asked about a move but Arnautovic was flat at his quest and said he only aimed at the next game.

A paper view: These words are all good and good, but there are other words from Arnautovic, and ideas from his brother (who chooses) tell a different story. These new signs are almost like an attempt to support behind the previous comments. He is not a fool in Arnautovic, he is aware that a market is still for him and he's been in a position; playing European football again.

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Otamendi wants Pep talks

We are now finishing with a few stories about Manchester's Manchester and its & # 39; The first goal is to protect Nicolas Otamendi. The defenders are in the Pecking order down at Ballymac and he says he wants talks with Pep Guardiola over the future. If he decides to go away, Spanish-speaking employers will refer to Real Madrid and Barcelona as part of interested parties.

Paper Shape View: Otamendi is not a bad defender, just that that is involved in the entire Guardiola in axis John Stones and Aymeric Laporte. When you fall into the captain of the Vincent Kompany club, it is easy to see why Otamendi is playing for playing time. He is desirable to move forward, & # 39; possibly even in January, to help recover his position on the road.

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City in talks to expand Etihad

And our second report in our town says that the club is in talks with a group of support staff in terms of extending the Etihad Stadium to 63,000. The North Stand is a debate issue and a It could be converted to the development of a yachts that allow the expansion.

Paper Shape View: We just go to; tell what everyone thinks, City is not always going to; selling its games, especially in Europe. But that has not stopped other teams from looking at expanding so who knows, it might be quite right.

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