Football: SFL gives VAR resolution – insight


Will thousands come into the Premier League? Or are these people responsible? LOOK answers the most important questions.

Hellmut Krug, the referee far from German, is a part of Germany. Usually he explains the VAR, capturing his audience with a video clip, showing controversial views. Once you are aiming for a clear handrail which the referee exposes. «Hands», contact the journalists who are in the hall. Nobody takes care of the elbow strike, which is ten meters away. “That's why more people need a video guard to see the game you see. They look where the ball is, "Krug said. Four other negotiators will sit in a video room in Volketswil ZH for the start of the season in 2019/20.

Will everything work properly at the start? LOOK answers the most important questions:

Does the VAR in Switzerland need it?

Yes! Nearly a weekend goes by without a wrong decision. «We won't get 100% justice with VAR! », Arsa Krug. "But generally it comes to smaller headlines."

Is the introduction of the VAR expensive?

There is. 1.5 million costs only the starter rate, spending another 1.5 million. Every quarter. In total, about 4 million francs are spent on the cottars each year. In an international comparison, that is a nuts for wood in Switzerland. Therefore, the league includes a fact that a genuine line has been introduced in contentious controversial decisions.

Are many cameras used?

No. Only six cameras are available for the referees. By comparison, in the World Cup in Russia, 37 (!) Ensured that all the corners of the park were illuminated. In Bundesliga 21 are ordered.

Do the video messengers sit in a German cellar?

No. But in a room in Volketswil ZH, the heart of the VAR. There will be four negotiators for each game in the following season. There are four others in the stadium.

Will there still be debates?

There is. "Even if it is often forgotten: People are at work and people make mistakes," said Krug.

Five-person inspection

He was involved in introducing the video evidence in Bunesliga. After a few months he had to retire. Also because the VAR in Germany was first mismanaged. Krug: "Not a lot of the working things at that time, we got off in the season with technical failures and decisions we were not happy with. The biggest criticism of the proposal was highly praised. to suffer from new problems. »

As for the Super League, Krug is so hopeful: "You've learned from the mistakes. Even though we can't be sure that everything will work properly from the start."

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