Football: Shahrel's trainer recommends that his deputies do not let go; taking over in Britain against Myanmar


PETALING JAYA: The opposition of Malay's strikers, Muhammad Shahrel Fikri, has made a better fight against Myanmar after they have been a bundle of nerves when they put 2-0 against Vietnam in Hanoi on Friday.

In the first two games against Cambodia and Laos, Nakhon Ratchasima was deceived as he always was; trying to protect with its running and its adverse impact.

The incredible awards were awarded when a Malaysia coach, Cheng Cheng Hoe, who was 24 years old as a major champion, began to have a great deal of influence because he was always tied to the tight defense of Vietnam with Que Ngoc Hai.

"It's not the best thing I did. I was stunned against Vietnam. I had only one point of view and it was not good enough," said Shahrel.

"Nobody can make a reputation for Vietnam's reputation in the south eastern part of Asia but we have been affecting ownership. We just finished a long way," he said.

Shahrel, whose first Malaysian is & # 39; featured in the Thai League 1, saying he would leave back against Myanmar.

"I am aware of the potential of Myanmar and also the main one of Aung Thu. He played in the Thai League and was very good," he said.

"Myanmar has a full team and their confidence is high. If the Malaysian attackers are able to defend their protection, we have the chance to win."

When asked if he was comfortable to play in the post number 9, Shahrel said he would leave the coach to make a decision.

"A coach gave me a chance to play as a major opponent of Vietnam. I usually played playing the number 9 for PKNP but this season, I have often been used on the seas.

"I'm willing to play anywhere. My job is to make my best goals for Malaysia," he said.

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