For a payment package, they risk the drowning, crocodile attacks and tenders to ship


SINGAPORE: When Mr Terrence Lee is off for work, his family, in particular his mother, writes and writes; pray for his safety. And for good reason too.

"Every time we are in the sea, we will fight with many insecure elements, such as underwater flows, strong winds and even heavy water," said the commercial diver, which & # 39; do anything from underwater surveys to weld jobs.

Then marine creatures such as jellyfish and crogodiles, as well as obvious conditions at times.

There are at least six deaths related to diving in Singapore from 2010, according to media reports.

LEABH: A 27-year diver has died after an accident in waters where Pulau Sebarok

Mr Lee returned to hospital once, after he was tired when he came ashore. Despite the dangers and requests, it is a lovely work.

Terrence Lee's trading budget started at the hospital once, after he was tired when he came ashore.

Mr Terrence Lee.

The dangerous work of commercial countries, such as it is identified in a four-part series on the On The Red Dot program. (See the program here.)


Singapore has around 200 commercial traders, who are proven to jump in the waters of Singapore.

To work as a diver, one must be 18 at a minimum, with a "Fit to Dive" trading medical certificate and a training certificate in commercial diving, based on the Commercial Dance Association website (Singapore).

Commercial merchants must be at least 18 and have a Fit to Dive qualification, among other qualifications

Mr Lee, 36, the Single Armed Forces was regular for 10 years before being introduced into a diving world with an uncle, a tube tutor.

A description of her & # 39; His first diving, he said: "The feeling, wow. I felt very sure, really peaceful … It was a very good environment for me: the fish and swimming, the depth of the sea, the corals. "

That's when he knew that this was for him. But he did not immediately move a career due to the dangers involved and two children were aged two and over.

"Due (decision), if I need to give everything, I can keep it enough and give it enough for the family. It's a bit of a struggle, "he said.

Commercial Drain Terrence Lee on a boat that communicates with underwater tumors.

Mr Lee on a boat that communicates with a diver.

Eventually, two years later, he retired focusing on commercial diving.

"Some of my friends may be thinking that I was out of my mind, at a time old, moving to a new job, something that people would do ; avoid, "he said.

His work involves entering a hard-maker: he will maintenance and maintenance of vessels, and even construction work. "I will also be cleaning underwater (and) shipwreckers," said he.

It may be easy to … but the underwater work is more complex.

Commercial merchants also carry out transport carriages for boats to safely move to Singapore ports.

Daily goods and needs such as food arriving on vessels that are dependent on the work of commercial merchants

Daily goods and needs such as food arriving on vessels that are dependent on the work of commercial merchants. (File photo: AFP / Roslan Rahman)

"Our work line is visible to the public. They do not see our lives, and most people do not understand what we are doing; doing, "said Mr Lee. "They think we're swimming in beautiful water every day, watching beautiful sea creatures."


When it is in the water, it needs to be aware of the dangers around, and including vessels; passing, and being in a good physical and mental condition.

Last May, the commercial diver Jake Seet was lost as long as he was in. Hold underwater work for a vessel in the West Anchorage, near Sentosa. His body was found two days later on May 7.

BOOK: A group got the diver; left Jake Seet in the seaside of Sentosa

LEIS: Just jump & # 39 ;: In commercial diving industry, applications of serious dangerous practices

In June, Mohamed Firdaus, who is 27 years old, died after a long concrete concrete crash while working on a project in the waters where Pulau Sebarok.

Diver died in June 2018 while working in the waters where Pulau Sebarok, seen here in the 2012 design.

Pulau Sebarok, far south of Singapore. (Photo: Reuters / Tim Chong)

Mr Mohd Ismail Sulong was lucky. In November, he went into a fishing net while working near Pulau Tekong, and because of the streams, he moved for more than 20km.

The waters were scattered, recalling the 52-year-old, and feared that a ship would take it. About the time it was built in the mouth of Malt, it had swallowed too much water.

LEABH: Singapore Diver who escaped on a course saved by Malaysian authorities

He had to do work when he was back in Singapore, and until he was cleaned for diving, he could only do a deck.

Mr Terrence Lee by Mr Mohd Ismail Sulong, who has 15 years of commercial benefit experience.

Mr Lee by Mr Mohd Ismail Sulong, who has 15 years of commercial benefit experience.

Mr Lee, who went to Mr Ismail, told his clinic for his annual review: "Certainly how simple (the work), we have to expect unexpected expectations.

In this dumb business, a & # 39; Most of the accidents happen when people do not; keeping all the safety (procedures) that are in place, because they do not. suffer or dispose of resources.

For commercial divers, a code of practice is set by the authorities, which requires diving staff to comply, and includes requirements for the use of equipment and certification .

Safety said that Mr Lee is his main priority, and he knows that there is little mistake.

"When we look at the situation (underwater), if safety procedures are followed, there is no reward," he said. "There's no chance … petition."

Safety is a prime focus on Terrence Lee who trades and knows that there is little mistake in


In addition to the dangers, his times are not amazing. "We need to go to work at times. Sometimes it can be 2m," he said. "We need to be very flexible."

So family support is important for this father of four; they must "understand" what his work means.

His mother, Madam Josephine Chang, is still coming to suit what she is doing; do. Every time Miss Lee, a trading secretary for eight years, wants to work, she is ask him about his work and what time he put it to an end.

Mdm Josephine Chang is still struggling to be at # 39; Decides to work with her son, Terrence Lee, as a defender.

Mdm Josephine Chang.

"I'm really sorry for her. Children also pray hard," she said. "It can be at sea for two or two days and it can not be possible … We can (completely) can completely miss it.

Much time, (we) just hope there's no bad news.

Length pressures & # 39; While she was talking about her son's time in hospital, she said: "It was very frightened."

Despite how difficult & # 39; as he was cited, he knew his right to make his own choices.

"If they feel very happy … with what they wanted to do, I would not have any regret to allow my family to choose their own path. There is even (if there is something) a negative to & I'm going to think that we're giving it (as) head, "she said.

At sea, Terrence Lee may not explain his family's worries.

If option was to be taken again, Mr Lee would remain in this position. "It's a particular breed of people who are in divers," he said. "Even before death has almost been met, but they still … look (on) to the sea every day.

"We're not looking for any profile or identity in this line … We just try to safely work and & # 39; return to our families. "

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