For about five thousand forints, an old woman was hit in Tatabánya


They are charged with murder and other crimes against a young man and uncle, as reported by the Commárom-Esztergom Public Office Office.

At the time of commissioning, a 19-year-old was released from prison on 22 May 2017, after being discharged from homelessness and retired from the lawyer against the Tatabánya room. The caretaker was regular to the 87-year-old woman who lived alone, wanted her cigarettes and asked for small amounts.

As of the winter, ask the accused of his father's brother to stay with him. The old man asked a few miles in the hotel's home, and as the defendant did not have the money, his brother helped him get money from an elderly woman nearby, ; use force if necessary. On 1 October 2017, the young man took a bottle of lamb and went to his flat with his uncle. Although her father's brother was waiting for her; community, she traveled through the doorstep door.

The man did not speak words to a woman who was sitting back in her; chairman, who was beaten twice with herring bottle, and then was burned several times with a great strength, and put her head with her legs. So, the 5000 HUF attack from his wall in his cabinet was carried out; the kitchen and then poured a bottle of leap on a table, put it into the waste and left the bloody that was eroded from the space. Her grandmother could still go to the yard at the front of the house where she fell, so the neighbors gave the ambulance name.

Men shared money between them. The elderly victim died in the illness after being moved to hospital on 3 October 2017. The procurator proclaims that the young person has been murdered by a qualified legacy, and a & # 39; expressing his companion to commit crime when he is an old age, is limited to & # 39; commit crime from person.

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